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  1. So I guess deebo and Hollywood and Sanders not good starts
  2. Thanks I think if I was big underdog then Hollywood has higher ceiling but think I need that 12 point for with Shepard. Figure 9 targets. King gives up over 2 Fantasy points per target on average. No Tate or Engram..... He should see 10 targets easy in a game they should be playing from behind. Only reason to also think Hollywood is that I am starting Lamar Jackson so I get to double dip.
  3. Do we think the weather in Baltimore will affect the pass game? How about Giants game? There won't be much wind. Would think light snow would be better than rain?
  4. Tate and Engram out. Expect them playing from behind against an angry Packers team. Think he could be a sneaky start today. Only worried about weather. [...]
  5. Thanks. I'm leaning Shepard as he seems a lock for 9 targets and green Bay will likely be up a lot leading to garbage time points. Worried 49ers defense lock Holly wood down.
  6. Title says it all. Must win and Julio or means I need 1 receiver from these 3 WHIR!
  7. Oops I figured I had a big enough list I forgot him. While we are at it Devonta Freeman, Sony Michel, lesser degree
  8. More worried if he does go and reinjures early getting me nothing
  9. Next year I see dj Moore Allen robinson Dj chark Deebo McLaurin all drafted.much higher
  10. I usually like to get 2 RB in 1st 3 rounds and 1 top receiver. Then let draft fall to me. This year RB has been hit or miss too. Montgomery Mixon Kerryon Conner Mack Damien Williams Kamara Coleman Gurley All have disappointed
  11. Yes am disappointed overall with him but look at a lot of the other guys drafted around same ADP Keenan hot and cold Juju bust Obj bust Adams injured Ty Hilton injured AB crazy and bust So while he hasn't gone off much he has been consistently producing 10 to 20 every week.
  12. I did say it will affect him and that he could get you a zero. But his injury is part one that physically would limit him from being able to perform. It is a matter of pain tolerance which unfortunately doesn't seem to have much of. unlike a hamstring or ankle injury which would actually live it your speed or cutting ability this should not limit him from being able to use his arms short of being afraid of some pain.
  13. Well if you are like me this is a must win week to make the playoffs and you are debating starting Julio Jones. His so called shoulder injury is the same AC joint strain that Deebo and Conner have. There are different degrees of it and the mildest form is a passion tolerance thing. We saw Deebo be looked all week but play with it. He only saw 2 targets but did well. He also had a full week to rest the injury. We saw Julio hurt or last Sunday. He managed to play through it but clearly in pain. So.... 1st question is does he play? It might be a true game time decision based on how it feels before game time. Falcons have nothing to play for so sitting him might be a smart call. 2nd if he plays well he be a decoy. To this I say no. This is not a leg injury and if he rotates the pain enough to run routes and uses his arms to get off the line, then he will not be a decoy. However since Julio isn't exactly a warrior he might come off for a few posts everytime he aggravates it a little so might only see 50 to 60% of snaps. 3rd will he get me a zero if I start him? Real risk as if hé reaggravate it enough early in the game he might be out rest of game. 4th issue is well he get Lattimore? Sounds like he will play so either will be on Julio or Calvin with the other likely double teamed. So what we have today is a huge dilemma. This is a guy who is a top receiver in a potentially high scoring game who could be the wr1 this week if things fall right or could get you a zero. I almost wish he is declared out so as to take away my risk and to let him break so he will be healthy next week. I would think if your team is projected to win by large margin you swap him out for a safer choice with lower ceiling. But then you have to ask yourself how you would feel benching your round 1 stud and have him go off on your bench which is in the range of outcomes. So tell me what you will do and who you might choose to start over him.
  14. AC joint. Likely grade 1 as that is same type of injury keeping Conner out. Wondering if I start Hollywood Deebo or sterling in his place. Worried if he plays he won't be much more than a decoy and Lattimore should be back.