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  1. wrt to real he should attempt more threes. He’s basically always been 35% plus. It’s counter productive to regress on attempts. He’s only gonna take heat so far if he doesn’t attempt threes. Additionally the only way to get out of a slump is to shoot your way out of it. He hasn’t attempted this low since his 3rd season.
  2. Butler: I’m gonna stop shooting threes so when there’s a game on the line I’ll brick the **** of out with zero rhythm. Furthermore when I need to shoot em come playoffs I’ll be cold as ice. Oh yeah. 🤯
  3. The idiot pulled him out after 2 fouls in 1st minute. None of the top coaches pull player with 2 fouls anymore. You lose rhythm etc etc. You sit for the rest of quarter come back cold then pick up another quick foul to start the 2nd n done for the half.
  4. Haven’t watched many hornets games this year. Fantasy wise he’s been a stud but interested to hear what you guys think of his real game? Is he any good?