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  1. Last I heard, he chipped a nail and will be out.
  2. Don't question his heart. pssh. A bruise is keeping him out?
  3. And there wasn’t any Jaguars tearing s**t up there either!
  4. LOL at the transition from page 88 to 89+
  5. I'd definitely rather have Connor out there, but if Connor sits, I think Jaylen would be a good gamble against the Raiders. Raiders are #31 vs rushing yards/g.
  6. I really hope he either plays fully next week, or sits. PLEASE don't be a Matt Breida situation where he "gives it a go" for one drive and then decides to sit out the rest of the game.
  7. i hope Baker isn't gonna be so smug after this game... Houston has a much better D than his last three opponents
  8. I don't usually handcuff a TE, but I'm thinking about it this year. Is it worth it to cuff Ertz with Goedert?
  9. Hyde is better than Fournette, in my opinion. He played all 16 games last year. He had the same rushing Y/A as Fournette, and more receiving yards. And he did it on a pretty bad 49er team.
  10. Indeed. Let's goooo!!!! Hope he goes off tonight.
  11. Disregarding Le'veon, who is Conner's handcuff, in case he gets hurt tonight? Is Ridley or Jaylen the better pickup to have? My leagues FA list doesn't lock until Sunday morning, so why not pick up a handcuff tonight just in case.
  12. Adding Tate hurts Goedert more than Ertz, in my opinion. We might see a lot less 2 TE plays.
  13. Hyde had almost a thousand yards rushing last year on a bad 49er team and behind a bad o-line... and he isn't very good?