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  1. Agreed - I was strongly considering adding him in dynasty but finally went with other interesting guy - Matisse Thybulle, who seems to have crazy st3cks upside and should get minutes in philly rotation.
  2. Last season he scored only 7,4 pts which would be an obvious drag in this category, but this season I'm hoping he's capable of even doubling this number and if he truly returns in playoff shape then he could be more valuable than Siakam.
  3. piece of bull#$$^ still but let's get over it. Would you pick Green or Siakam this season is much more interesting to me
  4. piece of bull#$$^ :b Anyway a recent roto blurb says: "Draymond Green said he's back on his playoff diet and said there's no doubt he'll have a great year." This season finally looks like a challenge and Green's been a roto juggernaut for my teams in past 5 seasons - 5x1st place (4 in dynasty), 1x2nd - last season . Draft accordingly.
  5. Any chance of Beal getting pg eligibility during the season? He seems to be the primary ballhandler on this team.
  6. He's got a very nice fantasy game with stocks, 3pt and %'s. I'm holding in dynasty to see how they distribute minutes, but he definitely should be higher than 364th on yahoo.
  7. Rumour has it that Caruso has a shot at starting and could be a big time sleeper. I believe he fits better with this group than Rondo (and his +9,1 net rating playing with lebron vs -5,4 by Rondo/Lebron lineups confirms it).
  8. White and Murray (with possible minute cap) will get the majority of their minutes at pg and DeRozan at sf. Walker should be ahead of Belinelli and fight for minutes mainly with Mills and Forbes. Spurs don't play their rookies but tend to expand their role after first season (e.g. Murray, White, Anderson) but I agree, that he's mainly a dynasty target for now.
  9. Brown should be back soon enough and still be the favourite to start. Speaking of dynasty sleepers - Lonnie Walker anyone? He outperformed Simons in SL fantasywise. As Gobert owner in dynasty I'm also very much intrigued by a guy named Tony Bradley - any ideas about this guy?
  10. Once a fantasy force, he hasn't played a healthy season in 3 years and last one was a disaster. Still when healthy he delivers great ft% and 3pt for a big man with healthy pts and reb even in reduced pt. Also he certainly is a trade candidate so cavs would likely showcase him on this terrible, painfully rebuilding team. I'm personally never touching him again in h2h but I'm tempted to give him a shot in roto.
  11. Not saying this won't happen but I (and many more as I remember) thought similarly drafting Anthony Randolph in dynasty 10 years ago and then couldn't let go for waaay too long as he occupied my roster.
  12. is kind of a hunch but there are a couple of things working in his favor: + age and upside - has improved each and every year and is still very young; + last season was his worst in 3p% by far - he's too good in that department to stay this way, should be closer to 3 per game with better %; + playing with pass first pure pg - suns literally had no pg last season, now it should help him cut down TO and allow to concentrate on other areas than playmaking; + team has to show improvement at some point - suns were so bad there was no reason to push him to play with a view to more lottery balls, not like this team is going to compete now but with Ayton, Rubio and Oubre there's at least something to work with and it's on the team to help him maximize his strenghts among this group; + prodigy offensive guards also take time to develop - be it e.g. steph, kyrie, beal, kemba or lillard (all 1/2 rd players) - they weren't that good from the get-go, they grew and riped over couple of years to become elite; + doing my first and only mock so far I didn't notice that many enticing options to pick flawlessly in the 2rd; I thought he was the safe pick there (but that obviously depends on the first pick and possible team build); + %'s categories (the hardest ones to come by and crucial in roto) - he's already very good in ft% and if he keeps his fg% it's very palatable for a scoring guard (even if it's been red on bbm) and it's very promising that he took a leap forward in fg% while taking a hit in 3p%.
  13. Should cut down his TO but low stocks (and health issues) are holding him back. Still he's a solid second rounder in my book.
  14. I paste what I wrote in another topic: "Ante Zizic anyone? He hasn't been mentioned around but he's a very skilled and productive player (check his summer league and euro highlights) while Tristan Thompson is overpaid trash stemming from LBJ era, who imo gets showcased early and eventually traded or shutdown (and Nance seems more like a backup energy pf/c who tends to get injured). Guess also the fact that he and Sexton are the only pieces remaining from the Kyrie trade bodes well as the team would love to prove it wasn't that much of a disaster move." With injuries piling up in this lost Cavs' season and new coach's praise, just watch out for the kid.