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  1. Wish we knew more about this injury. I'm seeing 2 weeks but then I read some of these posts... I just got offered him in a trade
  2. Tough matchups.....Rockies yest.....Cubs next if he sticks which Id imagine he would.
  3. Yeah I'm in a 14 man, so for me it's more of an add now or I won't have the chance later... Not a fan of the low K rate guys... But he did pitch very well last year
  4. Does he stick in the rotation after this performance??
  5. Better landing spot than NY imo. Lets go Gio
  6. Don't get too excited..... Why was he removed again??
  7. I'm also hoping/expecting a nice bounce back year for Drew in SF. LA has been tearing up all pitching so his performance wasn't terrible. Time will tell. Hoping for a great game today
  8. Boy I sure hope its 130-140. Took him in a big pitching points league
  9. 4 K's in 2.2 today. Was he pulled early for rotation or did something happen to him?