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  1. Bold are the current starters, Underline is the flex QB-Rodgers, Ryan RB-A.Jones, J.Jacobs, R.Mostert,, D.Washington, A.Mattison WR-D.Adams, A.Jeffery, M.Gallup, T.Mclaurin, R.Anderson, G.Tate TE-Ertz, Henry K- Gay LB- Kuechly, Warner, D.White DT- Armstead DE-C.Jordan, D.Lawrence CB-K.Jackson, E.Rowe, J Bradberry S-J.Adams, E.Reid, Tracy Walker
  2. I would honestly sit lockett. and i know as soon as you do he will go off.
  3. Jacobs. hes been playing with the shoulder lots of the year. Roll him out
  4. Sanders. just as high upside and higher floor
  5. connor is glass. in playoffs i wouldnt risk him in my lineup if i have singletary. go singletary for sure
  6. your lineups good, wouldnt change a thing
  7. None seem like they have home run potential, but id go Sanders
  8. if jacobs plays he is your flex. if he sits then washington is your flex. id find a way to get sutton in there. they are really going to need him this week. cooper should see alot of Jalen Ramsay
  9. I think you have it right. brissett and fitzmagic are a toss up even if parker doesnt play. hes still gonna sling it and had like 67 yards rushing last week.
  10. Gurley and Carson as RB. i have no faith in Fournette and his team of quitters this week. Id play Sutton over Golladay, hunt as flex
  11. if Jacobs plays, mack as the RB2 and deebo as flex, keep pascal as wr2 if Jacobs is out start washington and Mack as the flex. Deebo over pascal
  12. I can never trust Rivers in the playoffs. Id vote Wentz vs Washington or off the list and Lock vs KC. May be throwing for the entire second half
  13. I would sit Fournette. Like you said theyve given up on the world
  14. start 2 of... Fred Warner Luke Kuechly Devin White Please think about how theyve been doing. everyone seems to automatically say Kuechly but he hasnt done much second half of this season Tackle - 1pt Assist - 0.5pt Sack - 2 pt Int - 3pt FF - 3pt FR - 2pt D TD - 6pt Safety - 3pt Pass deflect - 1 pt TFL - 1 pt
  15. burkhead. davis has looked good. burkhead has looked better
  16. Rivers. they are humming right now any help is better than no help
  17. Cousins for me. Goff still has to deal with playing in seattle. its going to mess with him. he doesnt want to get in a shootout with Russ Cousins higher ceiling, Keenum higher floor http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  18. Nelson and Jeffery for WR. Foles isnt a complete slouch. he will still put it up for Alshon Lewis for RB, pitts got abolished by 2 rbs last week. losing shazier is gonna be a problem. Drake for flex. he led the team in rushing and receiving last week, most upside. Collins probably has the highest floor tho http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  19. Williams drake Hunt http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/