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  1. Not a bad team at all. Yes SP might need a tweak at some point but overall you're looking good.
  2. After much complaining about having a draft so early, we ultimately drafted yesterday - our original draft date. Its a 12 team mixed keeper 5x5 with a $300 budget and max 9 keepers. We downsized from the 14 teams in previous years. My keepers: Bogaerts 28, Moncada 16, JD Davis 1, Adell 1, Bieber 6, Morton 16, Lynn 1, Odorizzi 1, L Castillo 16. Having 5 SP on my keeper list, I felt no need to draft a stud SP unless one fell into my lap, so with my first 2 call outs I threw out deGrom (who went for 71) and Kershaw (50). I didn't take a player until the 39th call out - JD Martinez (37). 14 of the first 38 players taken went $50 or more: Max 60, Trout 76, deGrom 71, Harper 51, Betts 72, Strasburg 58, Arenado 68, Yelich 76, Kershaw 50, Rendon 51, T Turner 70, Syndergard 58, Darvish 50, Bregman 50. In addition to JD, I also drafted the following (in order): N Cruz 18 Soler 20 Brantley 11 Glasnow 22 Moustakas 19 Conforto 13 Mallex Smith 9 A Bradley 20 J Turner 7 Y Gurriel 9 R Ray 9 Melancon 4 Y Molina 1 L Voit 2 For the first time ever I left more than $2 on the table; I left $18 which I'm still upset about. I'm historically hesitant to bid on closers; I should have used the $18 to bid higher on other closers. I probably didn't need to buy Robbie Ray. I think I'm going to be light on SB, too. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks guys. I kept Bieber since I could keep him another year after this one.
  4. 14 team mixed keeper 5x5, $300 cap Any player(s) acquired in a trade prior to draft must be kept. Current keeper list: Bogaerts 27, Moncada 16, JD Davis 1, Jo Adell 1, Bieber 6, Castillo 11, Lynn 1, Morton 16, Odorizzi 1 I was offered Albies 11 for Bieber. He also has Story 21 and Dever 24 who both interest me. Is this trade fair? Should I accept? Thanks for any quick responses!!!! WHIR!!!
  5. Bogaerts will easily go $40 or more in the auction. I'm leaning towards keeping Adell since we do have bench spots.
  6. Devers and Meadows are locks. Hendriks is tempting, but I'd flip a coin between DJ and Kepler. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Help?
  7. With Mookie leaving, I think Devers will give you more this year.
  8. I think Moncada could be really special this year.
  9. As much as I like Soroka, I'd go with Bo and Castillo.
  10. I think the 4 you named are the way to go.
  11. I considered Adell; I picked him up at the end of the season last year for this reason. I thought about playing the odds and trying to get him back for $1 again in the auction which would give me another year at $1.
  12. Beuhler, Meadows, Albies, Castillo
  13. 14 team mixed keeper, 5x5, $300 cap, 9 keepers max. Here's my current roster. C - Jorge Alfaro $1 1B - Paul Goldschmidt $69 1B-2B-3B-OF - Josh VanMeter $1 1B-OF - Garrett Cooper $1 1B-3B-OF - J.D. Davis $1 3B-2B - Yoan Moncada $16c SS - Xander Bogaerts $28 OF-2B-SS - Dee Gordon $25 OF - George Springer $38 OF - Mike Trout $91b OF - Jo Adell $1 OF - Shin-soo Choo $1 SP - Luis Castillo $11c SP - José Leclerc $6b SP - Lance Lynn $1 SP - Shane Bieber $6b SP - Anthony DeSclafani $1 SP - Jose Urquidy $1 SP - Charlie Morton $16 SP - Jake Odorizzi $1 SP - Pablo López $1 SP - Corey Kluber $61c RP - Shane Greene $4 RP - Sean Doolittle $22 I set in bold the 7 I consider definite keeper. I'm thinking of Bogaerts and Leclerc as the final 2. With my 5 SP keepers I won't have to spend as much money on pitchers. Thanks in advance. WHIR
  14. JoRam has been pretty good in July. I would keep Bieber.
  15. At this point I would see when Lowe is coming back. I hear that he keeps having setbacks which TB refuses to call setbacks. That being said, I like Lowe. He's young and the Rays really like him. Carpenter hasn't been himself all year.