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  1. Not a bad team at all. Yes SP might need a tweak at some point but overall you're looking good.
  2. After much complaining about having a draft so early, we ultimately drafted yesterday - our original draft date. Its a 12 team mixed keeper 5x5 with a $300 budget and max 9 keepers. We downsized from the 14 teams in previous years. My keepers: Bogaerts 28, Moncada 16, JD Davis 1, Adell 1, Bieber 6, Morton 16, Lynn 1, Odorizzi 1, L Castillo 16. Having 5 SP on my keeper list, I felt no need to draft a stud SP unless one fell into my lap, so with my first 2 call outs I threw out deGrom (who went for 71) and Kershaw (50). I didn't take a player until the 39th call out - JD Martinez (37). 14 of the first 38 players taken went $50 or more: Max 60, Trout 76, deGrom 71, Harper 51, Betts 72, Strasburg 58, Arenado 68, Yelich 76, Kershaw 50, Rendon 51, T Turner 70, Syndergard 58, Darvish 50, Bregman 50. In addition to JD, I also drafted the following (in order): N Cruz 18 Soler 20 Brantley 11 Glasnow 22 Moustakas 19 Conforto 13 Mallex Smith 9 A Bradley 20 J Turner 7 Y Gurriel 9 R Ray 9 Melancon 4 Y Molina 1 L Voit 2 For the first time ever I left more than $2 on the table; I left $18 which I'm still upset about. I'm historically hesitant to bid on closers; I should have used the $18 to bid higher on other closers. I probably didn't need to buy Robbie Ray. I think I'm going to be light on SB, too. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks guys. I kept Bieber since I could keep him another year after this one.
  4. 14 team mixed keeper 5x5, $300 cap Any player(s) acquired in a trade prior to draft must be kept. Current keeper list: Bogaerts 27, Moncada 16, JD Davis 1, Jo Adell 1, Bieber 6, Castillo 11, Lynn 1, Morton 16, Odorizzi 1 I was offered Albies 11 for Bieber. He also has Story 21 and Dever 24 who both interest me. Is this trade fair? Should I accept? Thanks for any quick responses!!!! WHIR!!!
  5. Bogaerts will easily go $40 or more in the auction. I'm leaning towards keeping Adell since we do have bench spots.
  6. Devers and Meadows are locks. Hendriks is tempting, but I'd flip a coin between DJ and Kepler. I don't think you can go wrong with either. Help?
  7. With Mookie leaving, I think Devers will give you more this year.
  8. I think Moncada could be really special this year.
  9. As much as I like Soroka, I'd go with Bo and Castillo.
  10. I think the 4 you named are the way to go.
  11. I considered Adell; I picked him up at the end of the season last year for this reason. I thought about playing the odds and trying to get him back for $1 again in the auction which would give me another year at $1.
  12. Beuhler, Meadows, Albies, Castillo
  13. 14 team mixed keeper, 5x5, $300 cap, 9 keepers max. Here's my current roster. C - Jorge Alfaro $1 1B - Paul Goldschmidt $69 1B-2B-3B-OF - Josh VanMeter $1 1B-OF - Garrett Cooper $1 1B-3B-OF - J.D. Davis $1 3B-2B - Yoan Moncada $16c SS - Xander Bogaerts $28 OF-2B-SS - Dee Gordon $25 OF - George Springer $38 OF - Mike Trout $91b OF - Jo Adell $1 OF - Shin-soo Choo $1 SP - Luis Castillo $11c SP - José Leclerc $6b SP - Lance Lynn $1 SP - Shane Bieber $6b SP - Anthony DeSclafani $1 SP - Jose Urquidy $1 SP - Charlie Morton $16 SP - Jake Odorizzi $1 SP - Pablo López $1 SP - Corey Kluber $61c RP - Shane Greene $4 RP - Sean Doolittle $22 I set in bold the 7 I consider definite keeper. I'm thinking of Bogaerts and Leclerc as the final 2. With my 5 SP keepers I won't have to spend as much money on pitchers. Thanks in advance. WHIR
  14. JoRam has been pretty good in July. I would keep Bieber.
  15. At this point I would see when Lowe is coming back. I hear that he keeps having setbacks which TB refuses to call setbacks. That being said, I like Lowe. He's young and the Rays really like him. Carpenter hasn't been himself all year.
  16. 14 team mixed keeper 5x5. Currently in 3rd place with 106.5 points - 10 out of first. My staff is projected to be 73 innings below our 1500 inning max (right now 3rd from the bottom in IP). With that in mind, I am 3 Ks behind the league leader and running second in ERA and WHIP, but lagging in W and S. My roster below: C-Alfaro, 1b-Goldy, 2b-Moncada, SS-Bogaerts, 3B-Ramirez, OF-Upton, Springer, Trout, G Cooper ($1 next year), UT-Margot, Cano, Bench-Choo, Thames, DL-Gordon SP-Bieber ($6 next year), Castillo, Morton, Lynn, Odorizzi, Urquidy ($1 next year), DeSclafani, Romo, Leclerc ($6 next year), Doolittle, Greene, DL-Kluber I'm pleased with my offense as I traded for Springer and Trout; Goldy and Ramirez are starting to show signs of life. I should be able to pick up points in HR, RBI, and R while holding onto my lead in SB, thus leaving me with pitching. There are no closers available from the bottom feeding teams, which leaves SP targets. One team has DeGrom ($61 next year), Verlander (expiring contract), and Scherzer ($73 next year). I can't rely on Kluber. Should I consider offering Bieber and a package from the group of Urquidy, Leclerc, and Cooper for 2 of his pitchers? Would that even be fair? I'm not desperate but evaluating my options. Thanks in advance and WHIR.
  17. Here is his spin on his offer: "Polanco will be a stud in the 2nd half once they trade Dickerson and/or Marte but I can't afford to wait as I am minus in OF games played. Leclerc is nothing but a lottery ticket at best, a non-closer with a 5 ERA at worst." Makes me chuckle.
  18. I suppose that if you aren't planning to play Tatis the trade could be worth it. What place is your team in?
  19. 14 team mixed keeper 5x5. In the top 4 but my closers are Greene, Leclerc and Romo (I know, very underwhelming). I was offered Osuna, Musgrove, and Greg Polanco for Jose Ramirez, Moncada and Leclerc. My 2 concerns: Does Polanco merit having a spot on my roster? (OF are Upton, B Lowe, A Garcia, G Cooper, Choo, Thames). Does it make sense for me to deal future saves from Leclerc? My SP are Castillo, Morton, Bieber, Odorizzi, and Lance Lynn with Caleb Smith on the IL. Thanks in advance! WHIR
  20. I would drop Puig for Judge and Chavis for Hiura
  21. Canning or Valdez over Plesac if I have to make a choice
  22. Thanks for the replies. I was looking at the deal ROS and not into the future. I don’t know if the bump I’d get from Betts’ HRs and BA is enough to justify the deal. I’ll reply to everyone’s posts when I get home from work.
  23. 14 team mixed keeper 5x5. I'm in a basic 4 way battle for 1st with 10 points separating the 4 teams. I'm ahead in the SB category by 20 with Mondesi, Jose Ramirez, and Gordon leading the way. Mondesi will be $6 next year and $11 the following, while Betts is $77. The Betts owner (in 13th place) is possibly interested in moving Betts. Would you consider Mondesi for Betts fair? If not, who needs to up the ante? Thanks in advance. WHIR