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  1. Check the join date on my profile, I'm the original!
  2. Did someone @ towards me? Don't mistake me for that imposter Iron-Cock.
  3. BTW: I laughed my a** off when I saw you renamed your team to "Gurley's gone Mild"
  4. Mostly I got killed by: 1. Cutting Ajayi. I got that CMike feeling when Gase started giving Williams carries over Ajayi and Ajayi was reported as "AWOL" by Rotoworld. Of course, right after that Foster retires and Ajayi goes nuts with back to back 200 yard games. 2. Like you mentioned, not drafting CMike. We drafted so early, before the preseason. At that point the Seahawks drafted so many RBs, I had to take a best guess at who they would keep so I took Alex Collins. Also they were saying Rawls would be back for September. 3. The highest points against. s--- happens, nothing you can do about that.
  5. The default yahoo tiebreakers are: Fantasy points scored. Fantasy points scored in the final week of your league's regular season. Fantasy points scored in the second-to-last week of your league's regular season, etc. Random Coin Flip. I'm a bit concerned now that I'm looking at it, because Yahoo says Playoff tiebreakers can not be changed. The league voted for the 6th spot to be the highest points scored, but yahoo doesn't allow for modifying playoff tiebreakers. Hopefully I'll be able to modify the playoff brackets to change them to what the league wants.
  6. Standings sorted by points for. Some of you guys don't want to be stuck competing for that 6 seed, ToO_Bad or Valyrian Steelers is going to sink your battleship!
  7. In the Playoffs: Bartos Mr. Blonde Likely in the playoffs: What The Bell (1234) Remaining Opponents: 96MNC Packdog What The Bell has a good chance to make the playoffs. He should be able to win one of his two remaining matchups, if he doesn't his points for (1234) is respectable enough that he'd be in contention for the 6th seed as long as ToO_BaD and Valyrian Steelers make the playoffs. 96MNC is off to a fast start with Antonio Brown's great thanksgiving day game. Sh*TOutOfLuck (1212) Remaining Opponents: Gurleys Gone Mild Impreza178 Sh*TOutOfLuck has a decent chance of making the playoffs, and a high enough point total to contend for the #6 spot. Having to start Rivers against the Texans this weekend instead of Luck against the Steelers (due to injury) could cost him his season. Valyrian Steelers (1337.96) Remaining Opponents: Bartos ToO_BaD Valyrian Steelers will likely go 1-1 down the stretch (ToO_Bad has D. Murray and D. Walker on bye week 13). His high points for, along with a 7-6 record should guarantee him a playoff spot. Currently on thin ice to make the playoffs. Impreza178 (1123) Remaining Opponents: Iron-Cock Sh*TOutOfLuck Impreza has the good fortune of playing Iron-Cock this week, who is a horrible owner. He should be able to get one more win to slip into the playoffs, but if he's edged out of the #5 spot his low points for total will likely cost him a playoff berth. On the outside, but could make it in: ToO_Bad (1330) Remaining Opponents: PackDog Valyrian Steelers ToO_BaD has a high points for total, but two tough matchups, and key players with byes in week 13. ToO_Bad is a former Rotoworld Real Mock League champion and has Christine Michael on his Roster so I wouldn't count him out. Packdog (1214) Remaining Opponents: ToO_Bad What the Bell! Getting Tevin Coleman back down the stretch could be huge for Packdog, plus some good matchups for his skill position players and his defense facing the Jets and Rams in the last two weeks of the regular season. Gurley’s Gone Mild (1169) Remaining Opponents: Sh*TOutOfLuck BHawks Gurley’s Gone Mild has gone wild of late, he's on a 4 game winning streak. Due to his low points for, he'll probably need to win out in order to make it. Bhawks (1119) Remaining Opponents: Cl3velandBr0wns Gurley’s Gone Mild BHawks has a winnable game this week, but with Diggs and Julius Thomas out, things may be a bit too close for comfort. Add in a tough week 13 matchup and a low points for, and BHawks is likely missing the playoffs this season. In need of lots of help: Ironcock (1222) 96MNC (1193) In order for either of us to make it into the playoffs we'll need Valyrian Steelers and ToO_BaD to make it into the top 5 playoff seeds, and we'd need to edge out the other teams in points scored.
  8. I first signed up December 15th, 2011. I forgot the password though. So I made my account Iron-Cock. This topic made me go back and figure out my original password! lol.