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  1. Wish I had video of my reaction when Barkley fell to me at 3....
  2. Thx all, rolling with Kelly & Davis
  3. 1/2 ppr, I need 2 Ingram vs. KC J.Kelley vs. Carolina M.Davis @ Chargers A.Gibson @ Clev. D.Henderson @ Buffalo
  4. I used to have the Rotoworld app for player updates, then I was told to get the NBC app now it looks like there has been another change.Which app do you guys use for player updates? Thanks.
  5. Gear? Can we stick to Juice or Roids for those of us over 40? Thanks man.
  6. They had the game well in hand, more competitive games will feature more Ingram.
  7. Do NOT drop a 5/6 round pick after 1 week
  8. Definitely worth a shot as a starting point, it would help if you posted both rosters.
  9. Thx, I'm leaning towards DJax as well with the wr depth.
  10. Looking at my roster below, would you drop L.Murray or DJax for N.Hines? 1/2 ppr, thank you.
  11. 1/2 ppr, Probably be asking this one a lot this year..... Sutton vs. Titans Hollywood vs. Browns
  12. I would accept quickly. Your starting starting line-up would be tough to beat, you'll be able to manage your rb2 slot and like Boudewijn mentioned, grab another QB.