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  1. Hello. If you're like me and you played Survivor football last week, there's a good chance you lost betting on the Saints. I decided to create a new league for the remainder of the Playoffs. It's on Yahoo and there are 3 picks: this week, next week, and the SuperBowl. Entry fee is $10. Please click my username and send me a message if you want to join. You will be required to Venmo or PayPal me $10 and then I will send you the join link/password. Yes you will be trusting me to pay out fairly and all I can say is that my word is my bond, I've never not paid out on bets fairly before, and we can put the terms in writing so you have evidence of the transaction. I will pay out the correct amounts to all Survivors ASAP after the SuperBowl. I am not keeping any cut as "commissioner". Thanks.
  2. Most overrated player in football, along with Drew Brees.
  3. LaVine and Fox just lost me the FT category by going 13/25. You're a guard. Don't you practice free throws?
  4. jeez he looks like he could play right now. Too bad the team is 9-26...they're gonna take their sweet time with him.
  5. I'm clearly exaggerating/joking. I actually looked at his games played before I said that and said it anyways because I'm not taking this that seriously. However, he is made of glass this year. He's already missed 16 games and now he's hurt again with back issues. Sounds like potentially a chronic issue. Not what you want from an early round pick. I will avoid him in the future. Hope he finishes the year strongly though.
  6. ? He hurt his back now. And had back problems last year. It's a pattern. He's made of glass.
  7. Well, definitely never drafting this guy ever again.
  8. He put up 17.60 fantasy points the week prior on 13 carries and 0 targets. Week 16 he puts up 3.3 fantasy points on 11 carries and 1 target. The difference was a lack of touchdown opportunities in week 16. 11 carries should be enough to do more than 3.3 fantasy points. Their blocking/his running was just trash. And also yes, Cousins sucks.
  9. Antonio Brown - - - that saga was insane and very unique Saquon - - wasn't that great but then rewarded us all when it mattered most in week 16 with an absolute monster game CMC - - consistently great Lamar Jackson - - drafted him 12th round in one league and 13th round in the other league. I will probably never ever draft anyone close to this good in those rounds ever again I won both my leagues. I'll probably never do that again.
  10. Lamar, Julio, Aaron Jones, Golladay, CMC, Andrews in one league Lamar, Barkley, Golladay, Kittle, Washington in the other.
  11. Won both of my leagues. Really glad I didn't need a good game from Boone or I would be so pissed right now. Sorry to those who were counting on him. That was really bad. Feel bad that I promoted him and hyped him.
  12. Yes he did. If you count rushing (14) and receiving (3). Lol.
  13. Allen "I coated my gloves in Vaseline and have hands like a snake" Lazar