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  1. Can this guy stay on the damn court. What happened and how bad?
  2. You all like Bridges over Huerter?
  3. I'm tired of this guy. is it crazy for me to think of dropping for D.Lee of GSW?
  4. Is it time to think of dropping Lou Will?
  5. He's not stealing as much lately. Only 2 in the last 5 games. I'm good on assists so I may pickup Huerter who just appeared on WW.
  6. How long is Garland out? This guy seems better.
  7. I add this guy and the next game he's injured. SMH
  8. I'm aboard. Hate to drop Chriss but he's the only drop I have.
  9. Does Powell have a better ROS outlook than Jae Crowder?
  10. This guy is so damn fragile. I only have him because I missed the draft. SMH Sucks.