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  1. When KAT returns would Culver likely have more ROS upside than Sekou in Detroit?
  2. Haven't followed him much, how well does he play with KAT in lineup?
  3. I like the kid but more rebounding and stocks would be nice.
  4. Was about to drop for K.Nunn. Not sure who has more ROS value though.
  5. Hate to ask but who's DJJ? Its not coming to me at the moment.
  6. If not for OT he would've only played 20-21 minutes. Play the guy. SMH
  7. Why doesn't the coach play this guy more.
  8. He's back on the WW in both my leagues.
  9. And posted every season. Not sure why people like to accuse others of complaining on here.
  10. Don't want to jinx anything but I'm enjoying owning this guy for the first time ever (for about a week).