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  1. Never, EEEEEEEEVER Drop City. He is my BOY!
  2. Ima telling ya all this. He used to be the BEST with Lou Will back in the day... It is in his BLOOD for sure, coming off the bench and bombing away.
  3. BUDDY LOVE! I trade him in and he immediately starts to produce! My boy!
  4. He is playing injured. Significant drop after his return from injury.
  5. Some players do play better off the bench. Buddy used to be that kind of a player. Now it could be different though as he has used to being a starter and has somewhat inflated ego.
  6. Guys... It might not be happening with him. Prepare yourselves for the...DROP.
  7. He would have played more if the game was tight. I would say maybe 26-28 minutes. He should be around 26-30 minutes going forward off the bench.
  8. I feel a hot run is coming soon. It is inevitable.
  9. They had new wrinkle to the playbook with Brooks starting Bryant alongside Mahinmi. That moved Bonga to bench and playing SF-minutes. Bertans did get his now normal allotment of 25+ minutes. It was McRae who took the hit this time around only playing 18 minutes. Pasekniks was the player who absorbed the back-up C minutes. The situation seems to be very fluid right now. Brooks trying to find the balance with competing and developing. It might also be match-up based as Cavs have nice and sizeable front court players in Love, Thompson and Nance.
  10. Mahinmi is playing great. Brooks has no incentive to play Bryant more. Best center will get the minutes.
  11. Absolute joke. Bum. Happy that I shipped his sorry a** out! Can not wait to see my boy CJ McCee debut for my team.