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  1. Won our league, back-to-back now with 3 ships in 11 years. G.O.A.T. What makes it special is that we are without a doubt the toughest NBA Fantasy league in Europe.
  2. Allen, LeVert and Troy Brown came through for me. Fantasy thanks these guys for their efforts!
  3. Great restart for my team. I was lucky enough to get decent replacements for my guys out of the bubble. My old guard consisted out of Lillard, Seth Curry, Buddy Hield, Mitchell, Barton, Crowder, Gobert and Jarett Allen. Had to replace six guys. We picked up guys with similar value to players we lost so I got: Ben Simmons for Trae Young, LeVert for Dinwiddie, Tobias Harris for Davis Bertans, Troy Brown for James Johnson and Bam Adebayo for Larry Nance (! Nance had very strong Last 30 days for Cavs and Bench Boost). I did make one waiver wire change bringing Cameron Johnson in for Josh Richardson. Gobert and Mitchell performed well. Mitchell over his normal and Gobert just below but still very good with double double. Im giddy for Brooklyn guys. Allen got some extra value with Jordan being out and LeVert is going to be a beast!
  4. Im not paying for fantasy softa. Never.
  5. FanTrax is done. Im continuing our leagues season with google docs excel. Just implementing teams there, making adjustments to rosters and counting points for playoffs. Had to take few rules off and simplify things just to make it take less work to complete.
  6. Fantrax closed shop, but we are going excel for the two and half weeks playoffs run. NOTHING GOING TO STOP ME COMPLETING THIS SEASON!
  7. We were playing first round playoffs when corona hit fantasy. 8 teams in, 4 teams out. We are continuing the season and trying to mimic the situation during the cancellation. To do this we have made some adjustments: - Compensatory measures: Every playoff team gets to switch players not playing anymore (8 teams out of the picture) to players from bottom 4 teams. The changes are being made with value-to-value principle, so for example Christian Woods owner (111 fantasy points per 30 when the break happened) gets to choose Embiid, Jokic or Vucevic for his team. Mitchell Robinson can be switched to Bam Adebayo (104 fp both) etc. etc... The process will be go through with me guiding it as the League Manager but it is a dialogue between competing teams. My target is to get every team gain around the same amount of fantasy points that they lose. - After that we will have Waiver Draft: every team has the chance to drop players who have lost significant value (Shake Milton) and pick up player from bottom 4 team or waiver. Players need to have value comparable to player dropped. Every player has been assessed and valued accordingly to their value during the cancellation. - No players who were to be out during playoffs will be eligible (Ben Simmons, Jonathon Isaac...) UNLESS being part of Compensatory measures. If not picked there or in the waiver draft, player will not be eligible after season continues. - Depending on how the schedule breaks we will use 2 rounds to conclude first round of playoffs. After that 3 games for semis and 3 games for finals. In my knowledge the season will run for 8 more games so it would be 2+3+3. The on-going round scoring needs to be addressed too. Every team will get set number of games for the first part (March games) multiplied by their average score per game from that period. Then we will add set amount of games on top of that (2 rounds when the NBA re-starts).
  8. You guys talking sports like 2020 has something left to offer... It does not. USA is hitting the mark I set in the coming few days and after that it is martial law time. Let God be with you guys during these trying times.
  9. Thank you for the great post. Do you have any information have they required other people to work at hospitals etc. situations with corona patients other than doctors and nurses or such? For example have there been requirements for social workers to tend patients or help out on the hospitals instead of doing their normal work in the field of social work.
  10. I have made calculations how this corona thing plays countries (and people) that take it seriously. It is going to hit us hard inside two weeks and then it gets worse...and worse...and worse... Until early May. Then, if proper actions have been inserted, the curve might start to flatten out. Now... USA does NOT look that good right now. The resources and knowledge is all there, but can you pull it together? I´m not betting on late April or early May to be the worst of it there. It might be Summer of Corona. Let see how it plays out. Protect yourselves guys. Protect real good. I´m praying for you.
  11. So... Prediction time. And let us be bold with our predictions like when I drafted Dejounte Murray in the 4th round. They are talking about month or so after league reviews the possibility to continue season. The political will amongst owners is there to complete the season. In a month... USA will be in very bad place with korona. I think the measures taken and the capability to control the situation are among the worst in Western World. The people of US are also very...unrest as far their nature goes. So I'm feeling some of the behavior of masses will be less than optimal. Riots and such will happen. Trump might do something stupid etc. The dead will be in piles, that is for sure. All and all the situation will not be good enough to even think about playing when it is closer to martial law situation in the States. It might be closer to summer when everything is under control. Or more likely well in to the summer. I don't even see it be impossible that the season actually gets shut down completely. I'm gonna go with "Earliest at June but very possible to be cancelled" option. What is your take on the situation?
  12. We have implemented following actions: 1) Coronadraft - You get to re-draft players to replace players that have lost value from the free agent pool when the league resumes play. Draft order will be determined by the amount of value each manager has lost. 2) Corona Compensation - If players are out because of corona, you will get their average fantasy points for every game they miss rest of the way. 3) Banned Players - Players such as Oubre, KAT, Simmons etc. who were injured when season was suspended will be BANNED for rest of the fantasy postseason.