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  1. Surely DJ isn't in Arizona next year, right?
  2. Which is huge considering the difference between playing NE in Baltimore vs. in Foxborough is massive. We should be all systems go for week 16.
  3. Second coming of Gronk. Hopefully his body holds up better than Rob's did.
  4. How we looking in Philly tonight? My season is riding on Alshon's back and I need a big game through the air from him.
  5. Depending on where his ADP ends up come draft day, I think he could be a bargain. If his risk is baked into the cost, sign me up.
  6. Need 25 full ppr from Alshon with yardage bonuses. Forecast has me pessimistic.
  7. To me, it is very clear they are managing him/his load for the real foosball playoffs. Sucks, however this weekend's game is huge for playoff seeding/positioning. I foresee a great ppr game from Kamara against a stingy 49ers defensive front.
  8. Vikings have the Lions at home next week. At minimum I think he misses 1 week. Hope y’all have Mattison.
  9. This isn't the Bears of 2018. Blough and Kenny G just torched them on Turkey Day. I think Amari has a huge game on TNF.
  10. Next year's class is loaded. I am confident they will.
  11. This is maddening. I am so ready for the Chiefs to invest a high draft pick in a RB next year. This offense so clearly operates better with a singular lead back (and one that is not a JAG, to boot).
  12. Loving this guy as an every week FLEX play in ppr.
  13. That would be impressive considering they are on the same team.
  14. Really hope no one played Hollister over Kittle... this guy is a cheat code.
  15. TD was nice, only 2 targets is a little alarming. With Kittle back in the fold, as well as Manny Sanders, might be too many mouths to feed in this run first offense.