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  1. Can’t see a scenario where they don’t move this game to Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Crickets... hopefully no news is good news? Lol
  3. I'm sure they will try, however once Arizona is up 2 scores they will have to throw the ball. They brought him in to be veteran insurance in the event of a Dak holdout/injury, I think he is more than capable of running this offense. I'm optimistic.
  4. I need a 20 bomb from this guy today. Let’s go, Mecole!
  5. Sounds right. This sucks, his schedule to date had been brutal, but it was about to open up big time, starting on TNF. Now we continue to wait...
  6. I’ll take it. Schedule opens up the next 4 or so weeks. LFG.
  7. Hoping it wasn’t bad. Like above poster said, game was out of hand when he got hurt so hopefully they were just playing it cautious with the short week & Thursday Night game coming up. Holding my breath for now.
  8. TreDavius on Tyreek, Norman on Mecole? If that’s the case, fire up the Hardman.
  9. Guys is easily their best RB. Hopefully they get him more touches sooner than later.
  10. If not today, then when for this guy? LFG
  11. So lots of Slay on DJ? Oof, do not like that.
  12. Cleared concussion protocol. Looks like the unintentional bye week ended up working out great for him. My question: with Slay playing pretty well this year, is he going to shadow DJ or Juju this weekend? Does Slay follow players to the slot, or stay outside?
  13. If he doesn't have a good game this week, I will be concerned. Not panicking (yet)