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  1. And replaced him with Joe Brady... Net positive there.
  2. A (likely) Shortened season has moved Glasnow up my rankings a good bit. Less likely to be affected by an innings limit.
  3. If you draft him, you better have Treinen on speed dial...
  4. I don’t think the back injury is classified as ‘freak’... that is at least somewhat concerning.
  5. Texas Rangers are moving their first couple home series as well.
  6. Side barking already. Hope it’s nothing, but not what I wanted to hear a few weeks into spring training considering his fragility last season.
  7. Didn’t see a thread on Sal yet, figured I’d fire it up. Missed all of last year recovering with TJS, how do we feel about him this year? 29 years old, had consecutive top 3 Catcher seasons prior to getting injured. Considering his ADP, is this guy a steal at an extremely shallow C position? Will he still play most every day?
  8. I'm confident with this guy being my SP1 this year.
  9. This is my thought process as well. I targeted him big time last year after his slow start because he was dirt cheap. This year he is being valued way too high for and you're paying for what is, in my opinion, a career 1/2 season.
  10. EE is old and already hurt one week into ST. I’d be willing to be Grandal gets to the same # of PAs as last year.
  11. No Travis D’Arnaud love? Guy had good numbers last year, and the Braves offense is plenty potent this year, and he should be the primary C. Not sure where he bats/how consistent his playing time will be, but he is going for very cheap right now. Am I missing something here?
  12. Pedigree, new situation that should warrant more win opportunities, not THAT old in terms of pitchers. Crazier things have happened. I'm not ecstatic about him, and wouldn't feel comfortable with him as anything other than a back end rotation guy, but for the price I think he definitely warrants a flyer.
  13. Keep driving the narrative. If Breg's ADP gets depressed to 2nd Round by draft time I am going to be ecstatic.
  14. I think this guy will be far and away Catcher 1 this year. Much like TE in FF, I’ll gladly pay for this position advantage on my roster. All in on JTR this year.
  15. This reasoning right here is why I will be buying all the Astros at discounted prices this year.