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  1. Would've thought Hall would be taken. Could've picked up a RB from the cut and/or undrafted pile.
  2. Jets just traded picks with the Pats. I have now seen everything. wtf is going on in this draft
  3. Many hot names in terms of dynasty holds and potential keepers for the 2020 season are now suddenly rekt due to GM's completely disregarding the glaring holes on their teams. Post those L's if you got em... In my Dynasty league I traded for Mack about 2 weeks ago, traded away David Johnson 3 days ago and was in trade discussions to maybe move Gallup for Sutton who both ended up getting screwed. Things could not have gone any worse.
  4. They're gonna have to start changing the way RBs get points in fantasy. Do it like a teams Defense and just have Redskins Backfield. So you just get the cumulative points from all 9 RBs.
  5. And died in the most tragic way possible.
  6. WTF is in the masks these GMs are using?
  7. And an upcoming Fant and Gordon, royce and lindsay lol
  8. Thats what I dont understand and they traded up for him too. Like wtf??
  9. OMFGGGG. I am getting murdered this draft. I just traded for Mack 2 weeks ago. You gotta be f'ing kidding me. First dallas taking Lamb and now Colts taking JT. WHYYYYYYY
  10. They do but the owner no longer wants to trade and won't even honor the first offer he made either, so I'm pretty screwed now. The absolute worst case scenario that could have happened in this draft ended up happening. Typical.
  11. I never saw the movie but Wingo looks like Jim Carey in the movie Lemony Snicket
  12. Well this whole thing just blew up in my face. What an absolute disaster. I can't believe it.