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  1. Payton that idiot is gonna have murray and taysom take over. It's gonna be sickening to watch it happen.
  2. I'm a non-cmc owner in dynasty that grabbed Davis and I didn't realize he'll be a FA after this season, so I'll definitely be holding onto him to see what happens in the offseason. If he continues to perform in cmc's absence (and maybe getting a chance to spell him ros), I don't see why he wouldn't test the market. There are definitely teams that could use his dual-threat service until he hits the rb wall at 30/31 or at least as a 1yr stopgap.
  3. My thoughts aren't just from the Bills game but from the season as a whole so far. It just seems like they are spreading the ball a lot more and relying on the run as well. Now add in ANOTHER pass catching back and it will take even more targets away from Hill, who I feel is already seeing less volume. The thoughts might be premature but things are definitely starting to change a bit.
  4. LOL. I'm saying missed window for a kings ransom. I could still pull a 1st rd pick but Hill without TDs and minimal targets so far this year and it's gonna be trouble rest of the season.
  5. I probably missed my window but I'm really contemplating trying to sell Hill in dynasty. There are so many Hill clones and mouths to feed on this team that he's basically going to be a boom or bust player and highly dependent on TDs. And I can't be praying for a long bomb every game. Has been a great ride but I think it's starting to reach its climax and especially with the addition of bell. It's extremely frustrating watching all these plays get called for other guys than Hill. Am I wrong here or are you guys seeing/thinking the same thing?
  6. Can we get haskins back in here? jfc...gibsons not going to even be flexible at this point.
  7. Same man. I don't understand the logic at all. I'm holding him in dynasty to see if anything happens in the offseason. Only silver lining is he's healthy and minimal wear on him this year, so maybe they look to trade him. No idea what they're doing. It's ridiculous.
  8. The ol' reverse jinx my boy. Learn it, live it, love it.
  9. Of course no OT. Why would the fantasy gods help me.
  10. Hurr durr...I'm down 20 pts and it's the 4th qtr. I guess I'll use one of the best RBs in the league now. What a f'ing moron payton is. I hate this guy with a passion. Every season he pulls this crap.
  11. Needed Kamara badly tonight as my opponent has keenan and tannehill tomorrow. Payton draws up the most asinine game script imaginable. So F’ing typical. I seriously hate fantasy football so much.
  12. Payton should be fired right now. So sick of his bs
  13. https://twitter.com/jagibbs_23/status/1314550177978490881?s=20
  14. Not that it means much, but I'm rolling out Miller tonight and definitely lean his way based on the limited options and the fact that none of the wrs practiced this week. Thanks for your help with mine.