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  1. I'm going Chark. Indoor game and they will need to air it out. Thanks for mine.
  2. I have Melvin Gordon starting as well. Is Hunter too many eggs in one basket?
  3. Tyrell Williams at NYJ Golden Tate at CHI I'll respond quick up to game time.
  4. Gurley. Still not really trusting Ronald. Thanks for mine.
  5. Jets @WSH Dallas @DET with Stafford Will help equally in return.
  6. Welcome to fantasy relevance AJ Brown. This is your week. Thanks for mine.
  7. Sorry to be against the grain but I think you have to go with Moore and Golladay here. I think Arizona will easily beat TB on the ground with Johnson and Drake. I suspect Carolina will need to play catchup against GB. As far as Golladay goes theres too much talent to let him sit imo. Goodluck. Thanks for mine.
  8. Between those two you should stick with Samuels. I think he will be fine and Pit has been decent at keeping the games close so they wont have to lean on Mason's arm against Jalen and the other secondaries. Help here:
  9. Pick 2 Allen Robinson v DET Calvin Ridley at NO Golden Tate at NYJ I would normally lock in Robinson and Ridley but with Engrsm out and a decent matchup should I consider starting Tate?
  10. Idk that's a lot to give up for only CMC. Yes, Keenan is in there but he has been more dud than stud this year and is kind if a drag to own. I dont hate the trade cause you land CMC but take a good look at where it leaves your team after the trade. Thanks for mine.
  11. I need to pick up a kicker so I have to drop someone. Tyrell Williams Rhett Ellison (I own Engram) I guess Josh Allen too but everyone hoardes QBs in this league.
  12. I'd rank them the same as everyone else and say Conley sans Westbrook, Johnson, Pascal. These are safe play rankings. If you have the option of swinging for the fences then you could make a good argument for Pascal. He has the highest ceiling I believe. Thanks for mine.
  13. Theres probably other teams but this guy is motivated so I know I can get the deal done. Updated my signature to the current lineup just now.