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  1. “Bringing him up”, isn’t this the Melton thread?
  2. I was feeling positive until my friend screen shotted how the Wolves listed LaVine as Q the day after he tore his ACL lol.
  3. Oh...and I forgot Donovan Mitchell....I have no idea how his stock rose like that to the 2nd round.
  4. I'm assuming that this is fantasy, not real life overrated ofc, and also assuming that Kawhi is on your list because of the few games he's rested? He's the #4 overall player so there's absolutely no reason for him to be there otherwise, but even if he misses 2 more rest games before they stop that, that's 8 total, not bad at all. It's hard for me to get behind calling an injured player overrated though, Dipo is the complete and total opposite of overrated and "always hyped up", last year he could be had at a major discount and was a 1st round value. He had a couple so-so games this year but he did last year too it's just a lot more obvious with such a small sample size. Jokic is a funny one, not sure if you guys remember but this is exactly how he started last year too, and then he was a top 3 player over the last 20-25 games or so. I expect the same thing this year. Gary Harris I agree on, I used to draft him when he could be had in later rounds, but now that he's properly valued I don't think he's worth his ADP especially bc of the injuries. Everyone in my keeper league was shocked I didn't keep him at the low price I had him at, and I think it's now obvious why. Ben Simmons I agree on too but more so just bc his numbers are actually slightly less good this year than last, where's the growth. John Wall & Kevin Love are inefficiency machines and need to be stopped haha. Well I guess Love was... Other overrated - definitely John Collins imo, people talk about him like he's the next big thing but his fantasy game always leaves something to be desired and his low rankings on BBM confirm this. Russel Westbrook definitely overrated in fantasy one of the most even but I think that's old news, Draymond Green has become that ever since his last really good season, Klay Thompson & Devin Booker as well they're just not as good as where they're drafted and Booker is always hurt. Goran Dragic as wel, why do people think he is good in fantasy, I don't get it? His rankings the last 5 years: 61, 101, 55, 103, 179...classic case of good player in real life getting over valued in fantasy. Andrew Wiggins actually might be the most overrated by casual players but I think anyone who knows fantasy typically avoids him. Same with Eric Gordon & other guys like that unless you have a specific punt build.
  5. Embiid owners should be happy about this, I live in Philly so I watch a good amount of games and I cringe when I watch him play lately he seems tired but he still plays just as hard so he is reckless with his body. Sure jumping on the floor and diving out of bounds as part of a chase down block is nice for guys like Andre Roberson or even Robert Covington but MVP candidates with serious injury histories probably shouldn't be disregarding their body like that over one play, especially when tired and therefore less in control. He needs a rest badly and his minutes need to be dialed back, Philly is gonna make the playoffs no matter what no need to blow load now. Brett Brown is a borderline garbage coach imo.
  6. I guess, it's easy to say that from your home, and I don't mean that in a dickish way, I just mean when your adrenaline is pumping and things are going really bad for you (this was his 5th foul and the refs were calling borderline phantom calls on him it seemed from my POV) and you get that rush of cortisol and whatever else and then your coach who has probably been riding you hard all season gets in your face and starts talking to you like a child, even if it's deserved, it's hard to NEVER react. I think it's fine and I highly doubt Bridges/Kokoshkov have any bad blood from this. I don't think anyone was "wrong" or it's even anything. Both of these guys have reputations as being good guys so I would be surprised to hear this didn't end right then and there. I'm sure it's hard for both of them too, going from multiple championships on an NCAA dynasty for Bridges and Eurobasket/league succes for Igor to this abomination that is the Suns sideshow can't be easy for 2 prideful, competitive guys. Imo even the best would have friction at times. If they can't quickly move past it, well that's another story.
  7. Did that foul bother anyone else? I have Lillard so while I liked the FT's, I couldn't stand the foul call. It was the extreme version of something I already hate. I really don't like that Rookies get all the calls against them too like WTF is the point of that? The NBA is entertainment above all and the best entertainment comes from fair competition and while I can get behind vets/stars getting away with more on offense (less offensive fouls, less traveling calls for non-egregious, etc.) I always hated the thing where rookies and less skilled players get called for more fouls and borderline non-fouls. As an NBA fan it's bothered me for a while and it seems to just be getting worse with these new rules. Anyway, stepping off of my soap box now haha. I picked up Bridges for a 2 game stream and have dropped his a** in both leagues, I would suggest you do the same unless you're in a 16+ team league.
  8. Yes...guy who is ranked #19 for some who might barely play unless he is traded
  9. Would anyone trade him for Bjelica? I don’t know what to do someone offered it and I just posted a long post (page 7) on my thoughts on Love but I’m second guessing now!
  10. He's shooting almost 45%, I doubt his FG% is going to get much better than this if at all. He's never been a pure shooter he's more of a scorer. Maybe he will prove me wrong but I've been saying since the off-season not to draft him anywhere near his ADP unless you're putting FG%. I really like him as a player though so I hope he does prove me wrong.
  11. Yeah personally I don't see why a team wouldn't trade for him if they think they're an elite rebounder & stretch 4 away from a title. I could see him fitting in a place like Philly or Houston. The contract is bloated but if he can play like he did on the Cavs the last few years it would be worth it for a win-now team, and Love just turned 30 with a game that will age very well. I was one of the people who cautioned against drafting him too high or spending too much $ on him in this thread, but I think this is an overreaction to the toe injury right now, I honestly believe they want to trade him and this is to make sure he is 100% healthy for then. You have to think this might've been the plan all along for the Cavs, to see how the team looked and if it looked bad, trade Love. People forget that free agents who didn't grow up in Akron generally don't sign with the Cavs, CLE has got to be a bottom 5 destination in the NBA for FA's, so the way they get players is via draft or trade. Letting Love walk away for nothing would've been stupid for a team like the Cavs and this isn't Blake Griffin (aging athlete with lower body injury history and no history of winning playoff games really) and his massive deal we are talking about, regardless of what you think about Love he has a game that will age very well and is an NBA champion with multiple finals experience, also a guy who is respected in the locker room and around the NBA as a leader since getting involved in his mental health campaign. I think most would be surprised at the amount of teams that would be interested in him. The 76ers with Love at PF instead of Dario (who's my boy but no K Love) nailing 3's stretching the floor next to Simmons/Embiid (who could also cover his deficiencies) throwing full court passes dominating the boards when Simmons/Embiid sit would be scary for opposing teams. The 76ers are my team and I've never been a huge fan of Love but I wouldn't be upset if they traded for him, they're certainly not winning anything with their current squad and we have seen Love can be really successful when he doesn't have to be the man. He's had some injury issues but a lot of it has been upper body which is generally more flukey than lower body, I mean most of his time missed was from a hand injury and Kelly Olynyk ripping his shoulder out of the socket haha unless I'm misremembering. I don't have any stake in the game because I avoided him in drafts generally, and maybe I'll sound stupid in 3 months when he is out for the year with a toe ouchie but I feel like instead of the off-season hype train slowing down like it should've, it derailed and is now killing all the villagers! I get it if your team is losing without him, and a lot of people crazy over-reacted to what he was going to do as the guy on the Cavs this season in the off-season so this is the natural response to that in the other direction, but I still maintain this toe thing likely is about making sure he's 100% for a future trade or at least that it doesn't linger if the team is able to put together a string of W's without him.
  12. In this scenario Someone is riding him and he is riding something else? Sounds complicated...
  13. Ive always been a fan of his game for fantasy the only thing I worry about him though is injury and tanking. He has been very injury prone and with his now smaller body I’m not sure how he holds up over 82 with all the banging down low for defensive rebounds. I also don’t see him putting up MIN level assists anymore either. I still will target him but not pre-3rd