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  1. Isaias will be slamming the Northeast tomorrow afternoon/evening... It is raining in DC now, not sure if that is heading up to New York or not...
  2. Tuesday's game between the Phillies and Yankees has been postponed... Mets/Nationals and Marlins/Orioles will probably have the same fate...
  3. TBD I think.... They moved today's game to a DH on Wednesday... I guess we will find out soon...
  4. Madrigal hitting ninth in his debut against Bubic...
  5. Man his last two outings have been awful... 0.1 IP, 6 ER 3.1 IP, 6 ER At least he got more guys out the last outing...
  6. From the league page in Yahoo: The IL maximum has been raised from 5 to 10. Commissioners can use their tools to make the change in the league.
  7. I play in a league where you can only take players that have played for the team that you have... I have the Nationals... I'm screwed more than I already was screwed...
  8. Come on guys, he looked good but the Nats haven't been scoring or hitting so far this year... Other than the nine run game, they have scored five runs in four games and so far zero through seven today (hitting 3-for-24 so far) and in those four losses hitting .207...
  9. I wonder how the "home" crowd will like him?
  10. According to this, once you opt-out, you are out... But then there is this nugget "And the policy may yet be subject to change." So I guess it is written in "stone" that they can't come back... Very wet stone or maybe modeling clay...