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  1. Eric Paschall Donte Divencenzo Alec Burks Lonzo Ball Zion Deandre Ayton Marvin Bagley
  2. What other FAs are available? I'd stay put being that TJ is questionable. Help:
  3. You should be able to win down I. Clark. If you have IR, it's a no-brainer. Help:
  4. Justin Holiday available in league 2.
  5. League 1- 14 team h2h 12 cat (fgm, ftm, o rebs, d rebs). Drop Gallo for? FA Quinn Cook Kyle O'Quinn M Harkless B Jennings K Korver D Murray K Anderson League #1 League #2 Drop Lavine for D Dedmon (FAAB) Q Cook K Korver M Harkless Jeff Green
  6. Drop M. Muscala and/or Justin Holiday.h2h 9 cat 16x10 league. Current team is weak in FG% and blocks. FA E. Fournier K. O'Quinn (Waiver) A. Aminu (Waiver) B. Jennings Jaylen Brown (Waiver) D. Sabonis (waiver) TJ McConnell MKG
  7. Buy low, guys! CSB alert, moved Lavine and J Rich for him.
  8. Paid $1 in auction for him. This stud won't be under the radar next season.
  9. Is KP a Do Not Draft for GMs? It seems every season this guy misses time.
  10. Can you ask for a big instead of Rich? Ad side wine. Help-
  11. I'd pull it. Cp3 is being handled with kid gloves; Butler will get mins all day returning top 15 value. KP more upside than Gasol. Help:
  12. I'd stay put. Maybe look into Allen for Lopez swap and hope for a bounce back
  13. Stay put. EG goes in IR. Help: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/692468-pu-lamb/
  14. what are the point values? I'd lean toward Nurk until we know if Monroe is moving to Pels. Help:
  15. Drop Marvin Williams. Pickup who? h2h 9 cat. Team is weak in blocks; FG%. FA J. Lamb (waiver- FAAB) A. Len Stanley Johnson (waiver) A. Iguodala PJ Tucker M. Morris (BOS) Wes Johnson W. Chandler J. Simmons W. Selden D. Wade J. Okafor JR Smith TJ McConnell
  16. it's been very frustrating having people call you a cheater when you're winning trades and also the commish fairly using commissioner rule. 2 trades were 'accidentally' accepted and proposed; I vetoed both. GMs threw a fit over me using the full 2 day trade review period and being silent. League votes and comissioner vote can both be abused. Commish rule with a challenge system seems ideal.
  17. Demar side. 9 cat LG? Help: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691200-activate-lavine-help/?tab=comments#comment-7682300
  18. This. Lyles will lose value when Sap's back. Help: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/691200-activate-lavine-help/?tab=comments#comment-7682300
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