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  1. Hyde is unsexy, that's all. He's like Lamar Miller or Frank Gore's of the world where he's just a dependable workhorse that keeps moving the chains without eye popping numbers. Nothing wrong with that, it's just not super attractive for fantasy football. He's probably doing everything the Browns is asking of him with regards to pass protection and whatnot which goes a long way to keeping the defense honest. I got shares of Chubb myself and want to see him explode but I don't think we see him take over without an injury.
  2. Don't own any shares of Breida but super exciting to see him kill it out there. Just wanted to get your guys thoughts on something though.... how do small RBs generally hold up over the course of a season? I know there have been some in the past that have been exceptional and durable (Jamaal Charles for a good chunk of his career) but I'm assuming they take a much bigger pounding than the larger/thicker backs. Is there any increased risk that smaller backs like Breida or Ekeler would be more likely to get hurt over the course of a season?
  3. Not to worry, the coaches will dial up Chase Edmunds to run the ball on 3rd and 2. Winning!