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  1. League is 0.5 PPR with 0.5 points also for first downs. Larry Fitzgerald's Cardinals are playing under a new OC at SF. Leftwich says he will get Fitzgerald more involved. The Steelers will be playing the Browns, who have been bad (apparently) against good tight ends like McDonald. WHIR.
  2. I am going to roll with DJJ. But I think it's really close. I expect that this could be a high scoring game, and I can imagine TB getting away from the run game in that scenario, particularly if they fall behind. Barber is not a total zero in the passing game, but DJJ is superior. We will see how it plays out. I do regret not starting Barber last week in my FLEX. Hopefully this won't repeat itself.
  3. Three out of my four main RBs got great news from a fantasy perspective over the last week. The league is 0.5 ppr also including 0.5 points for 1st downs. 3 points at 100 yards rushing (or receiving, not combined), 1 point at 150 yards, 2 points at 200 yards. My 2 RB spots are occupied by David Johnson and Tevin Coleman. With Freeman's season ending injury, I will start Coleman most weeks. (assuming they actually use him in the pass game, and Ito Smith doesn't vulture too many TDs...we will see.) FLEX candidates are Peyton Barber or Duke Johnson, Jr. I'm not going to start Nelson Agholor unless the matchup is extremely favorable. I'm annoyed because there's a decent chance both Barber and DJJ will outscore David Johnson this week. Who is the better choice for my FLEX spot?