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  1. Heard he's still a ways away. I'm guessing mid Feb at this point.
  2. I think we're looking at a multi-month delay.
  3. People with IR spots, are you stashing him for fantasy playoffs?
  4. He's starting tonight! Adams is out. You guys think Nerlens will play tomorrow as well?
  5. 100% agree with this. It was a tough pill to swallow when I dropped him, but after I did, my team was much better off.
  6. So close to dropping him in 10 team, but he played 36 mins last night.
  7. Dropped him in a 10 team H2H. My IR spot is already taken with Fox. Someone dropped Danuel House Jr. so I scooped him up. I was hating LeVert's %'s and TOs anyways.
  8. Does he have to be cleared/practice by Thursday to play Sat?
  9. Def won't be going to the Rockets. GM Daryl Morey - "I think if we do anything, it will be for depth. I don't see any big things happening. We got a good thing, a good rotation, good chemistry. I'm pretty reluctant to make any changes there."
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