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  1. Jingles time with Conely to the bench
  2. Strong game again. He has one of the best on/offs on Dallas as well. Let’s keep it rolling!!!
  3. Uhhh very good percentages for a big and now he's added stocks to his game? He has a statline that helps you in many areas without hurting you in any. In fact, he reminds me of Shawn Marion's role when he was in Dallas.
  4. He’s been very solid lately and is definitely worth a look in 12 team leagues
  5. Players that have averaged at least 1.8 SPG, 1.0 BPG, and 1.0 3PM: Marion (6 times), LeBron (once), Pierce (once), Wade (once), Pippen (once), Kawhi (once), Draymond (once), and Covington (twice). Thybulle has the potential to do something special here if he’s given around 20 MPG which he’s probably earned at this point. Players that have averaged at least 3.0 SPG, 1.5 BPG, and 1.5 3PM (Thybulle’s per-36 projections which are NOT attainable but fun to think about regardless): no one. Literally no player has ever done this in NBA history.
  6. My league runs up until the end of the NBA regular season (which I hate) so it’s a bit of a slog. Player health is highly valuable so therefore my strategy for 2019-2020 is simple: maximize games played while taking into account our playoff schedules and quality games. I’m ignoring guys that typically miss 15-20 games, came back from major surgery, or might be rested down the stretch. I typically draft BPA and will make exceptions for poor health guys that slide in the draft (PG, Butler, Lowry, Aldridge etc.). I won’t punt unless it’s an obvious punt although I almost always ignore TOs as high usage guys kill this cat anyway. ADP vs where I project guys will finish is how I find value (and most successful teams find value) in the draft. How many championship teams was Vucevic on last year? Or Gallo? Probably a lot. I’m loving value picks like Bryant, WCJ, Lonzo (yes), Aldridge (age is a concern but I think he’ll surprise people), Favors (his ADP is mid-50s but I think he’ll still blow that out of the water), Hayward (top 40 potential that late? Yes please), Teague (top 50 potential), Garris (injury risk is real but the potential is too great, think Gallo), Warren (same as Garris tbh), and a couple of other. tldr; maximizing games played, quality games, playoff schedule, and crushing ADPs
  7. Is it just me or does the default Yahoo playoff schedule go weeks 20, 21 and 22? As opposed to the usual weeks 22, 23, and 24? This is a good change.
  8. Fantasy superstar in the making right here, folks. The comparisons to Marion are what get me most excited about this kid (Marion in his prime was an animal). It’s too bad Orlando only has a 3-3-3 playoff schedule. Oh well, ride until the wheels fall off!!! Edit: Correction, Orlando has a 3-2-4 playoff schedule. This kid might win some managers championships with his stocks...
  9. When you accept BroLo as the 7 foot shooting guard that he is, he’s much more fun to own. You’ll just need another big or two that can offset his boards.
  10. Are people actually defending his play? He’s been awful...
  11. Even in his top 30 season he was streaky as hell. Ride it out or drop
  12. What a ******** headache it is to own this guy