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  1. lost brogdon and hayward over the course of 2 days... this crap always happens to me in the playoffs, f this.
  2. do we drop him? i'm in a hard fought playoff matchup... need everyone i can playing tomorrow.
  3. i don't know what's going on with dedmon, but i don't have time for him and his "personal" issues, if that's what it even is. muscala looks like he's about to make a come up. make the move now?
  4. dude has 3 turnovers in like 2 minutes lol. he's pretty bad at nba basketball.
  5. 14 team. hayward was my 2nd round pick, we saw how that went. i drafted rondo too, so those are 2 key guys(rondo not as much, but still) i had to replace to start the season off. gortat was 5th round after kyrie, hayward, horford, and melo. i definitely have my work cut out, but this trade is a step in the right direction. like you've all said, kuzma is nice, but i'm not gonna get caught up in the hype, and teague provides what i need.
  6. i wouldn't do it. i never like trading for an injured player. gotta see how he looks out there first.
  7. h2h, 14 cat league, i was just offered this and i'm going back and forth. my current team is kyrie dunn horford bojan bogdanovich evan turner carmelo thad young john henson olynyk barton gortat kuzma kidd gilchrist i could use another point guard, so i'm ready to pull the trigger(more so than 2 minutes ago when i made the thread lol). should i hesitate?
  8. thanks for the feedback, guys.... i ended up going with kyrie. maybe i'm crazy, but i think there's a chance he could have an mvp season.
  9. I know he'll be gone by pick 19th, so if i'm going to get him, it'd be at 9. big mistake? lot better options?
  10. hmm do you guys think he's worth adding now?