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  1. Ya if mostert is playing I think you have to play him
  2. I think teddy is safer, the saints have had some injuries but that defense is still good. Second one is tough because the jefferson matchup is great but the weather in that one could be rough. I might go with drake
  3. Play kelly, tougher matchup but he should be guaranteed around 12-15 touches at least
  4. Standard scoring need to pick 2 of the following. My opponent has some good matchups so made need to go more upside Drake vs jets - good matchup but drake has been bad Connor vs PHI - meh matchup but should get a lot of touches Fuller vs JAX - decent matchup but he's volatile. My opponent is starting watson so fuller could eat into his total if he has a big week but watson could also go off without him
  5. Its edmonds, even if moss does get more work in Buffalo Josh Allen is pretty much the goal line guy so TDs will be hard to come by. If edmonds gets the job hes a no brainer RB1
  6. I like Jones against that depleted saints secondary
  7. Standard scoring, pick 3 Allen Robinson vs. IND: Tough matchup vs Rhodes but should get targets DJ Moore vs ARZ Chark vs CIN Fuller vs MIN John Brown vs LV MVS vs ATL (My opponent has Rodgers so this could be a way to maybe hedge Aaron going off but also hard to trust MVS...)
  8. Standard scoring. I would be getting AJ Green to be my WR5ish ( I have Allen Robinson, DJ Moore, Will Fuller, and Chark). Both have some injury concerns but Green is in the tougher division and Brown should see the worse CB every week next to Diggs
  9. I think it would be awfully difficult because Thomas/Mostert are both hurt and they would be big trade pieces. Can maybe go Waller/Godwin/Mostert but I don't really see it because his RB depth would be so shaky
  10. It's pretty fair but I think I would stick with DJ, the schedule will get easier for him