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  1. As mentioned above, Siakam is a beast and Kawhi is a load management risk. Help here?
  2. I was offered Ben Simmons for my Lauri/Bagley in a 12 team 8cat... My other bigs are Jokic, Giannis, Ayton, Holmes, Saric, PJ Washington, Poetl. I'm already punting ft% and struggling with 3pm. Thoughts? WHIR
  3. I think I'd go same order as above. Help with mine?
  4. 12 team, 8 cat, 3 keepers. I'm pretty solid at PF and am getting impatient with Lauri. My PG situation isnt great at the moment - Lowry, Fultz, Rondo, Tyus Jones. Pull the trigger? WHIR.
  5. Trade Jordan Lyles for Brendan Rodgers' upside if my starting pitching is solid? 12 team pts league, 5 keepers (Sig not updated)
  6. Possibility of Acuna replacing Enciarte in center field, with Riley taking left field?
  7. I'd be fine passing on that Sanchez matchup and possibly Estrada, but I'm all over both SF matchups and Leake. Help?
  8. 12 Team H2H Points Dynasty I currently have Jordan Bell and am considering dropping for Lyles. Thoughts? Also debating on dropping Josh Hart.
  9. Considering your keeper options I'd make this move. Help?
  10. Thoughts on offering my Gary Sanchez/Ohtani for Verlander in an ESPN 12 Team/H2H Pts/5 Keeper (team in sig)? I need pitching and feel I can get away with Cervelli at C. I'm currently keeping Freeman/Albies/Arenado/Soto/Kluber. WHIR