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  1. marcus ******** smart. missing a few players today but he goddamn made up for it.
  2. what a game so far and 4thq just started
  3. We 3. Burned me last week with the 3 missed games.
  4. what a stream. other game was the stocks galore. now the perfect FG on 9 shots.
  5. im just happy he's playing again. got a ton of mins his first game back, that's kinda encouraging. every now then he's going to tank your FG%, it's a given.
  6. thinking of making his spot for a streamer. but if he's given these kind of mins and is somewhat productive end of bench guy...might as well keep him.
  7. Yeah, hope he gets the free throw back on track soon.
  8. if they keep on winning, this will continue. sucks for us gobert owners. 60% fg on 2 or 3 shot attempts is pretty ****** up actually.
  9. so 2 weeks out? i think klay also had this kind of injury and that was his timeframe.