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  1. banderas gif please. i have to double take bam's statline damn
  2. damn. i own both dudes. i'll just have to wait and see then
  3. i got wood. but only in 1 of my leagues
  4. suns fielding calls for this guy huh? showing them with his play
  5. thinking of picking this dude up and dropping beverley and his always injured groin
  6. hope they just let millsap come off the bench when he returns. grant is killing it.
  7. i think he got hit in the face, needed stitches. my PG situation has been brutal. can't even complete a week without being injured.
  8. marcus ******** smart. missing a few players today but he goddamn made up for it.
  9. what a game so far and 4thq just started