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  1. Brown
  2. I would do 2
  3. Do it
  4. I will probably be keeping Watson engram and Howard again all past the tenth ... Adams is very late as well but I wanna go for it this year ... guy added amari cooper so it would be Adams and mike Wallace for cooks and cooper
  5. I agree with the above posts as well
  6. No
  7. I would not imo I like your teams balanace
  8. Hundley has the weapons
  9. Nice 2 for 1 but I would stick with fournette
  10. Yes easily
  11. No
  12. This is easy yes cooks right? This is part of a larger trade but just want to know no brainer ?? ppr 1 12 team. Other owner will do it because it's a keeper league and Adams is a very late keeper. Thoughts ??
  13. On point. If they struggle vs the Saints then we can get a bit alarmed but lets pump the breaks for now. Jordy and Adams will still be viable IMO obviously a hit but lets see how next week plays out. Hundley was thrown into the fire vs a stout defense I'm willing to give him another week.