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  1. He didnt look too exciting but Arizona's line was absolutely turrible.
  2. As I've mentioned before, he gets double teamed every single time in the RZ. However, I think its only a matter of time until he breaks a big play given how much he is targeted. I think brighter days are ahead.
  3. I think he will be just fine when he comes back.
  4. No one in their right mind would sit Shady. Please take that trash somewhere else.
  5. Yeah he was double teamed every time they were in the redzone. Maybe teams will realize that isn't gonna help their chances of stopping ATL score.
  6. Perine is no match for a healthy full belly Kelley.
  7. Boys, we need positive thoughts right now. Call your local priest, buy a rabbits foot, hold on tight because now we must wait.
  8. I'd imagine its not a large fracture if they're not sure? I'd think an xray would reveal if it was a clear fracture.
  9. Unless you have a really solid backup, I'd just roll Burger out there every week.
  10. I personally don't see him getting this many targets the whole year. I would expect close to 10. Only because I think Watson will have some growing pains. He should of had 2 easy. picks yesterday that were aimed at Hopkins that he telegraphed.
  11. Coach said it's nothing serious. I imagine he will sit out a lot of practices this year.
  12. Yeah as others have said, he looked good in warmups. He was cutting hard. Hopefully it doesn't progress.
  13. Yeah he was a shoe string tackle and a couple better throws from Wentz away from having a monster game. The red zone target and the target in general are nice. Obviously still very early but I think he should be on rosters in 12+.
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