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  1. I decided. I want a Dallas trade for Roco. Clear path to enough playing time and a playoff contender without any rest games.
  2. As far as I see it: Drummond gets traded a competitve team without major competitors on his position > good for his value a competitive team with major competitors on his position > bad for his value (you won't see much 20/20 anymore) Drummond stays in Detroit > bad for his value (because Det will tank) Right now I'm going for Siakam in a 1:1 because you don't have many good trade partners due to his FT% problem.
  3. I would do that in a heartbeat as a Drummond owner. In the league where I own him nobody bites on pretty fair (imo) offers.
  4. Now I'm glad I traded him away at the start of the season. Even if I love this guy, the situation seems tricky. I'm not sure how big of a chance he doesn't get traded. Then we have a problem in Detroit. One of the advantages owning Drummond was the playoff spot fighting Pistons. With them being crappy as they are you can't tell what Casey will do with Drummonds minutes.
  5. Ah, ok. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. I was thinking how many people got burned because of the slide instead of a potential TD at the end, despite Miles having a great game.
  7. Lamar and Andrews all year. For the finish line Saquon, Miles Sanders, Joe Mixon and also Robby Anderson. I dominated my two playoff matches.
  8. Please not Mixon. He has such a juicymatchup against MIA. I need you in my roster Joe, please 🙏
  9. Benched him already against a top 10 defense against WR.
  10. I really have to sit Woods in the finals. Not trusting Goff against a tough 49ers defense.
  11. Main thing is Winston continues to pass a lot. Of course Perriman won't get 18 targets but I'm happy if he gets the same role as last week and maybe a couple targets extra.