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  1. Unfortunately not. For soccer over here they use a stupid system where the value of each week and player is based on grades from different journalists.
  2. In Germany the plan of starting the Bundesliga (soccer league and the main sports thing here) in middle of May comes more and more alive. Event though this idea is not backed up from the people in germany the DFL want to proceed with the plan to play the games in stadiums without spectators and considering these following points: All players are tested on CoVid-19 at least once a week. These tests cost the teams of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga a total of 2.5 million euros. Clubs must adhere to strict and very specifically formulated hygiene and precautionary measures in the stadium and on the training ground. To this end, each club must appoint a hygiene officer Personalized beverage bottles Temperature control when entering the training area Only every second or third seat should be used on the coach benches No player escort children, no mascots No handshake, no team photos max around 300 people around a game (max 98 inside of the stadium, max 115 grandstand areas including functional rooms, max 109 Stadium outdoor area including TV compound) This whole plan is only possible because there is obviously overcapacity in federal Germany, which is not efficiently distributed to all regions. According to a survey among laboratories, more than 400,000 tests in Germany were not used last week alone. The politicians getting more and more used to the idea of starting the league so Germany could become the first country to restart a big sports league. Maybe that is a sign and possibility for other leagues as well.
  3. Same in our league. But in your first post you were pretty clear. If first place or last place everyone gets the same money back not time to whine. Why is it so hard to take the current playoff standings as a basis for payout. Wouldn't be a harsher decision then your first suggestion. And tbh. There are a couple of teams in the league who had already given up and are dead last while our first place team played, drafted and add/dropped his butt off to get #1 in the ranks. I think this has to be valued. But you are correct. Every league has to decide for its own.
  4. Nah, I think we had enough of a season to take the standings for the payouts. Split with all playoff teams or use the original payout metrix on the current standings.
  5. Chriss. Alone because he has 4 instead of 3 games in your first PO week.
  6. I have to say the last two games were great. Especially with the production besides 3s. If he can keep this up he'll be gold.
  7. Yeah, but the first reason you brought up is probably a thing. That's why I cut Duncan last week. You find a lot of players making a good amount of threes: Hardaway, Bertans, Bogdanovic, Fournier, Reddick, Gallo. And they mostly contribute in other areas. But nevertheless I think Duncan should have a roster spot in every 12 team league.
  8. Speaking of Millwaukee: There was this machine named Larry Sanders in season 12/13. Had a tripdub with blocks and won you this cat nearly alone every week. Had this stupid club incident looking like he's ice skating his way into a fight. Plus he is the player with the biggest thread on RW - this was insanity.
  9. OG, Beasley, Chriss would be my drop order.
  10. This dude was great back half of 12/13. At this time one of the few big man who shoots threes. Got you points, threes, rebounds, blocks and even a good amound of assists for a big man not named Gasol at this time. Somehow carried my team at least into the playoffs.
  11. Wow, what is the opposite word for clutch? I would use that for Damion Lee tonight. 4 points down with 1.5 minute to go, missed ft one, missed ft two. Oreb from Chriss, pass back to Lee who is totally alone at the three point line - missed. Wiggins fights his way through, gets the Oreb, pass out to Lee, he can't handle the ball, ball gets stolen, clear path foul from Lee.
  12. Hamburg RamJam Budget $200 1. (20) Brook Lopez (Mil - C) $20 2. (23) Chris Paul (OKC - PG) $22 3. (30) Andre Drummond (Cle - PF,C) $45 4. (47) Jayson Tatum (Bos - SF,PF) $14 5. (56) Gordon Hayward (Bos - SG,SF) $10 6. (57) Robert Covington (Hou - SF,PF,C) $22 7. (67) Thomas Bryant (Was - C) $15 8. (74) Malcolm Brogdon (Ind - PG,SG) $11 9. (84) Josh Richardson (Phi - SG,SF) $15 10. (91) Miles Bridges (Cha - SF,PF) $7 11. (102) Delon Wright (Dal - PG,SG) $5 12. (103) Mikal Bridges (Pho - SG,SF) $4 13. (115) Gary Harris (Den - SG,SF) $5 10-13 all gone pretty much at the beginning of the season. Was able to snag Schröder and Bertans in return for the drops. Parted ways with Bryant last week. Biggest plus for me: Traded Drummo and Hayward at the beginning of the season when Drummond was totally on fire for Vucevic and deRozan. Prepared for the PO with Huerter and James Johnson.