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  1. Got a head start with my Wentz against his Freeman on Thursday. But like a chess game where you lose your queen you saw his team sneaking up. And the Mortal Kombat Finisher move was his Wilson/Lockett stack.
  2. I know. What I meant was that there is nobody left on the wire. All fliers are gone, you're facing a black hole to pick up.
  3. No. As @yossarian wrote they gonna screw us again with this out/questionable bs. Sunday morning he will be declared out so you can pick up nobody and on Tuesday he will get a Q so that you can't make any moves with him on IR.
  4. Two things written here stand out for me: who are you willing to trade for him? McLaurin, Chark, Boyd or DJ Moore? These are more or less WR2 on the season. But I wouldn't trade him for any of these guys tbh. So in my mind he is a WR2 with tremendous upside every week. For most of us he is probably the WR3 on your team maybe even WR4 so you can fill your flex spot with a solid floor and a boom for ceiling. That is how you win weeks.
  5. Mostert injured his ankle in the second quarter. He tried to return in the third quarter but was ruled out for the rest of the game. Mostert will undergo further evaluation on Monday. I believe he either suffered a high ankle sprain or a moderate-lateral ankle sprain.
  6. What do you think, will he be fantasy relevant this season outside of of garbage time?
  7. Unfortunately he didn't look as electric in the second half of the games as in the first. But Fitz didn't look his way on a couple of possible screen passes. Other than tha a good day cementing his status in the Miami backfield.
  8. DJ Moore. Samuel is out and the NE backfield is a mess.
  9. I have and love Gaskin (especially this week) but this would be a no brainer for me: Crowder