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  1. He had a 32.6% target share in 2018 when he actually had a decent QB. That’s pretty high. Last years numbers were off, but it’s been touched on in this thread as to why.
  2. Do people think the Yanks/Sox game tonight gets played?
  3. I’d be fine with a full refund. My other question would be what would you then do for next years draft? In dynasty, the low man gets a refund and top pick? if there’s a refund it’s as though the season didn’t happen. But if the worst team is given the top pick, then the season did happen.
  4. Where did the minutes go? Was he in the dog house...injury?
  5. He's been closing out games recently as well, which tells you a lot.
  6. I mean, they've lost 12 in a row, and sitting 1 game above the Warriors for worst record in the NBA. So, they can try all they want, or they can see the writing on the wall. At what point do you start to limit some of those minutes to play the younger guys even more, and hopefully develop some team chemistry with players that are part of the future of the team.
  7. I don't understand why the Pelicans keep rolling Redick out there for big minutes. The team is going nowhere. Before someone chimes in with "to showcase him for trade", I think NBA teams are aware of Redick's strengths and weaknesses at this point.
  8. Will Lindsay benefit from this or is it going to be hard to move the ball regardless?
  9. Another Bucks blowout, so tough to evaluate. But, what do people think about his value moving forward now that Middleton is back. Looks like he’s hovering around 20 minutes, although games haven’t been close, so it’s hard to get a read on what his PT will be.
  10. Ended the first half w starters and then started the second half...
  11. pduce242424


    Here's a list: https://www.fantraxhq.com/2019-top-100-j2-fypd-rankings-for-dynasty-leagues/
  12. I think pretty much everyone else in the league can make it 5 minutes before picking up 3 fouls. Does this guy have absolutely no self control? Seems like he’s in foul trouble every game. You’d think at some point it may be a goal of his to get subbed out for some reason other than foul trouble.
  13. 14 team dynasty. 8 cats options are: Satoransky Rondo Cody Zeller Im leaning Zeller due to no stocks, followed by Rondo. At least Sato gives assists, treys, and steals.