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  1. Pels will use it as excuse to sit him multiple games. Hopefully he is back after the All Star game
  2. Stay with Zubac. Although his minutes may not push 30min due to Harrell, but it is better than Kanter who won't know where he will land and what role he will have.
  3. I prefer McGee over Zubac and Love over Barton Also keep an eye on how Nance Jr fares when Love is more up to speed
  4. The whole AD limited minutes, not playing b2b and Jahlil DTD came back to bite me. Played AD on his first game back but Jahlil was DTD so rolled with both instead of streaming Jahlil and ended up missing stats. Since ESPN still had AD as 'out' the following day and he was not expected to play b2b, I quickly plugged him back to IL and picked up another player and rolled with Jahlil, but Jahlil did not play while AD played but was in the IL spot, again missed out of stats. Lost the week by 12 rebounds. Ugh !!!
  5. If you have someone to drop, may be worth taking a flier to see if he is able to produce some numbers. Expecting stats from last 3 games is absurd but anything a notch below would be mint.
  6. Pat on the back, thanks for serving our teams and wait in the free agent pool until getting another call when opportunity arises.
  7. Do not use #3 waiver pick on Bodgan. Even competitive leagues have players dropped or streamed when teams are fighting for a playoff spot.
  8. If you also have Zeller, drop him and claim LeVert. He has less competition while Denver is loaded with well performing shooting guards and wings.
  9. If you want to add Bogdan, drop Bembry. Bayless is the next drop to activate Valanciunas
  10. Your team is very well built for punting those cats. PG13 would be an excellent fit but since the owner has excess centers, it will be tough to work out a deal. The only other player I can think of who fits your punting cats is Luka Doncic. See if you can assemble a trade package based on the Doncic owner team make up. On a side note, if you are successful in claiming Turner, you will have negated punting blocks with Embiid, KAT and Turner in your roster, making your team much stronger.