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  1. thats messed up. i personally am in first in one of my leagues but am likely going to do what i listed above.
  2. now that we know fantasy is done, have any of you commissioners handled payouts yet? i run a 10 man and 12 man league. in both leagues, the 7 & 8 seeds had a mathematical chance, albeit extremely low chance, of making the playoffs. we were in the last week of regular season when the season ended, 4 days left, before playoffs. im thinking to payout anyone who had a mathematical chance, regardless of how low it was. seeds 7&8 will get their buy in back, while seeds 1-6 split the remainings... whatis everyone else doing?
  3. what? a bubble team getting cut from playoffs based on going with current standing will certainly complain and should voice their opinion as they also gain to money by not making the playoffs, let alone the competitive nature of sports and wanting to be ni the playoffs. how did that post not age well? the fact remains that all of those ordeals hit us but no games were canceled. not sure what your point there was.
  4. im guessing youre a huge Harden fan. 🙄
  5. i have someone who added, in both leagues i run, Oubre, Isaac and Capela, at 11pm last night once the suspended season was announced. I thinking all of those guys neeed to go back on the wire to make it fair. because its cheap and jeopardizes the integrity of fantasy sports. all adds/drops have been locked in both my leagues and will be addressed once we know what is going on with the season.
  6. honestly, why make any decisions right now when no one knows what is going to happen. if everything resumes in 2 weeks, let it play out or make a decision once we know. no need to get people all bent out of shape until we have all the facts
  7. says the guy who hilariously writes "Agreed. That's why I dropped him. That's too big a risk for me to take." we'll see but i expect his %'s to be WAY down from years past, which was my point. youre the one making jokes about dropping from me sayin maybe you should relax
  8. 10 year sample size playing alongside fellow all stars vs 4 games playing with literally no one on the team but himself to get doubled a tripled all game.... yes, im serious. i was never insinuating to drop or that hes not gonna be great. i said he can kill your %. then whats he do? he goes 6 for 16... the point remains, this is the first time hes playing with absolute garbage and teams literally only have to focus on him. hes still gonna get his but there are going to be some pretty ugly % games, thats all im saying... damn you curry fans are dramatic
  9. Stephen Curry (left hand) will be on a 24-28 minute limit in his return to action on Thursday vs. the Raptors. and not to burst everyones bubble lol, im excited too to finally have him back, but his FG% was pretty damn terrible in the games he did play, except for 1....he has the potential to kill that category for you if hes off his game and hes forcing shots.
  10. hes sitting on my IR slot, so its not an issue either way for me. if you have stashed all this time without an IR, thats your own stupidity. Kings can realistically grab the 8th playoff spot and if they stay within reach, there is no reason to keep him on a minutes restriction for more than a few games. Reid also had a week straight of garbage games and just strung 2 good games together, so i would most certainly take my chances with Holmes coming back than Naz keeping up his play especially with KAT possibly coming back all but destroying Naz....
  11. hes on waivers right now... owner dropped during the week of drops would have to be either Cam Johnson or PJ Washington. Favors is a possiblity as well but im not sure i trust Naz quite yet. definitely not using my waiver on him, so we'll see if he even becomes a FA
  12. look up? we literally had a conversation a week or two ago about how excited you were about Ish Smith getting the starting job..and i pointed out that his minutes were the same starting or coming off the bench and to curb your expectations.... its called a memory, not "looking up anything u say" just because you jump at EVERY ww add, you cant then claim youre great at adding ww gems lol becuase you add basically everyone...just sayin.. anyway, Naz could be a good one and thats all that matters... debating picking him up but he may be useless for playoffs
  13. lol, none of that means anything in context of other moves you call out and were busts lol... the fact you even posted you resume is hilarious Stay corny bro!
  14. still clinging to Ish Smith too hahaha...i dont think you've had any ww pan out, so hope this one sticks for ya but in all seriousness, Naz has been looking good, just not sure i have a drop to add him
  15. well, then cant really give any advice without knowing your team ; )