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  1. Bender is better than Chriss. Watch the games and you will see. Bender is avging 9pts 5rebs 2 3s 1.5blks the past two games, also finishing both games ahead of Chriss.
  2. You will be drafting this guy in the 2nd round next year no doubt.
  3. The points could be a fluke but after apologizing to Orlando fans I dont think the effort is a fluke. We could see a different ibaka from here on out.
  4. The thing is, the Indiana offense is something like the Memphis offense where no one averages more than 20ppg because they just have too many mouths to feed and they dump it to the post alot to Hibbert or West, and they move the ball alot as well. So even if Granger comes back I think George will still be in that 16-17ppg range with good amount of 3s and steals, but yes expect a little bit less touches with Danny back.