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  1. With a possibility of a multi-month delay, Nurkic will have more time to get ready to play. I'd imagine it could be a nightmarish timeshare for Whiteside owners like me...
  2. I wonder if Simmons is going to be ready to play if NBA resumes after 30 days
  3. I hope so, Whiteside is my anchor on the rebs/blks department, I'm just a bit wary on the impact on Whiteside's playing time especially since a week after Nurkic's return is our h2h playoff.
  4. One of the motivations to play Curry late in the season is to see how he and D'Lo will mesh together. Now that D'Lo was traded to the TWolves, what now... 😐
  5. Wow this sucks big time, given how he was performing the last few days...
  6. I was trying to sell before, but nobody is buying. Glad it went that way. Still there is that cloud of doubt if he gets traded or when Nurk comes back. I would love to get this kind of performance during the h2h playoffs.
  7. welcome back! too bad i benched him 🀣
  8. Traded for Brogdon more than a month ago (end of Nov), i gave away Rozier.
  9. Heres Steve Kerr’s interview https://sports.yahoo.com/posted-up-warriors-head-coach-steve-kerr-on-this-seasons-challenges-why-hes-vocal-about-politics-and-durants-last-year-204544980.html
  10. Getting there... πŸ‘€ Pascal Siakam to be cleared for practice?
  11. Pascal related because Lowry mentioned him about coming back soon 😁
  12. Might be a couple more weeks away... end of Jan? Or until ASG?