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  1. Mark my words guys. White was THE league winner. Sad.
  2. US is slow to the party. They didn't learn from the mistakes made by China, South Korea, etc in acting quicker. League says season has been suspended, but I doubt they'll have any say on the matter once the government takes a firmer stance on containing the virus. There's no way the NBA can expect to proceed with the playoffs and have fans in attendance with everything that is going on. Season is done.
  3. This is all josh lloyd's fault for playing that gay rudy gobert song.
  4. We're gonna play a 10 man game of HORSE but instead spell out CORONA. If it's anything like this nba season, 3 will go down due to injury and 4 will be DNPs. May the best man win.
  5. Gobert did say following his ejection that "I'll take justice into my own hands next time." Guantanamo Bay this guy. He knew what he was doing.
  6. The french are known for being obnoxious.
  7. So glad i started him in a 2 game week. This kid is a beast and fun to watch.
  8. Interested to know what gobert's illness was. I recall a bunch of other players having the flu in recent days.
  9. When i saw "game delayed," i thought of rain. Wrong sport.
  10. I'd bet that they continue the season without fans in attendance. They won't go the route of losing television viewership with all of the money they make from various networks.
  11. MLB had games in Baltimore without a public crowd due to the riot. But baseball players dont curse nearly as much as nba players haha. I hope they dont delay or censor.