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  1. Seems like it sa good trade. Not that Projections matter a lot, but Brady is projected as 12th overall and Cam is 13th. As a Patriots fan, I wanted this trade, but long run, I will lose out
  2. I like Cam Newton, but i'm willing to trade him for another top tier QB. Lemme know if you have one of those top 5 QBs and are interested in something like this.
  3. Round 1 01. El Iguanodon [from Soulcrusher via '99 St. Louis Rams] Trent Richardson RB CLE 02. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Soulcrusher via El Iguanodon) Doug Martin RB TB 03. Abusement Park (via TDs N' Beer) Robert Griffin III QB WAS 04. Fatal Exception Andrew Luck QB IND 05. Abusement Park (from Fatal Exception via KTOWNRACER) David Wilson RB NYG 06. Pack Attack Justin Blackmon WR JAC 07. Abusement Park (from Fatal Exception via Kyzer) Isaiah Pead RB STL 08. El Iguanodon (via The Lucky Ducks) Coby Fleener IND 09. Abusement Park - Kendall Wright WR TEN 10. Lil Bishes (from Soulcrusher) Russell Wilson QB SEA 11. El Iguanodon (from Soulcrusher via Bilbo Baggin Ballers) Ryan Broyles WR DET 12. Harbaugh Warriors Robert Turbin RB SEA 13. Ink Inc- Josh Gordon WR CLE 14. Abusement Park - Ronnie Hillman RB DEN Round 2 1. '99 St. Louis Rams - Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 2. El Iguanodon - Chris Rainey RB PIT 3. TDs N' Beer - Alshon Jefferey WR CHI 4. KTOWNRACER - Lamar Miller RB MIA 5. KTOWNRACER - Vick Ballard RB INDY 6. Pack Attack - LaMichael James RB SF 7. Kyzer - Michael Floyd WR ARZ 8. The Lucky Ducks - Reuben Randle WR NYG 9. Abusement Park - Stephen Hill WR NYJ 10. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Soulcrusher) - Brian Quick WR STL 11. Pack Attack (from Bilbo Baggin Ballers) - Luke Kuechly LB CAR (via Text) 12. Harbaugh Warriors - Brandon Weeden QB Cle 13. CdnFan - Nick Toon WR NO 14. Lil Bishes - Levonte David LB TB Round 3 1. 99 Rams - Keyshawn Martin WR HOU 2. El Iguanodon - Chris Givens WR STL 3. TDs N' Beer - Chandler Jones DE NE 4. Fatal Exception 5. KTOWNRACER 6. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Pack Attack) 7. Kyzer 8. The Lucky Ducks 9. Abusement Park 10. Fatal Exception (from Soulcrusher) 11. Bilbo Baggin Ballers 12. Harbaugh Warriors 13. CdnFan 14. Lil Bishes
  4. League Beware. Your Commish has been kicked out of 3 leagues in the past month. Created this league, since he can't kick him out of his own league. (hehe) I know if I was joining a league, I'd want to know something like this about my commissioner. Carry on.
  5. LOL gets the boot from 3 leagues within a one month span, and decides to make his own, and solicite here. (smh)
  6. I'll give MY 3.03 this and all my picks next year for AJ Green and Aldon Smith
  7. Welcome CdnFan. A valueable addition to this league. He's founding memeber (pretty much) in my other Dynasty.
  8. Round 2 1. '99 St. Louis Rams - Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 2. Darkstar Dragons - Chris Rainey RB PIT 3. TDs N' Beer - Alshon Jefferey WR, CHI @ 8:00 AM EST, 8/13/12 4. KTOWNRACER (from Fatal Exception) 5. KTOWNRACER 6. Pack Attack 7. Kyzer 8. The Lucky Ducks 9. Abusement Park 10. Bilbo Baggin Ballers (from Soulcrusher) 11. Pack Attack (from Bilbo Baggin Ballers) 12. Harbaugh Warriors 13. Ink Inc. 14. Lil Bishes
  9. Trade confirmed and accepeted on Yahoo league page. Damn, My offense is stacked. Cam Newton, Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson, Miles Austin, Brandon Llyod, Ray Rice, Darren McFadden, Reggie Bush
  10. #3 Overall OTB. Stud WR is my goal.
  11. Yeah, hes more fragile then a glass window