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  1. couldve been the best team ever had players stuck around (arod, griffey, randy johnson, etc)
  2. too much fake happiness in the world
  3. Fat Joe lean back n do tha rockaway
  4. TAngereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeene, tangerine. living reflectioonn from a dream....
  5. cheater/loser/dirtbag/a-hole/lowlife
  6. starting to get into old school classic rock. some songs i am loving right now: beast of burden and ruby tuesday (rolling stones), d'yer mak'er (led zeppelin), let it be (beatles), brown eyed girl (van morrison)
  7. starting to get into some hendrix and bob dylan..... im obsessign over hendrix's cover of all along the watchtower right now....... there must be some kind of way out of here.... said the joker to the theif
  8. started listening to some songs off the knocked up soundtrack. "daughter", "grey in l.a.", and "you cant fail me now" are all good songs.
  9. just downloaded some songs off the crash soundtrack. like If I...; In The Deep; and Maybe Tomorrow. good stuff from a great movie...
  10. gotta love old g-funk. btw WHEN THE HELL IS DETOX COMING OUT ALREADY?!?!!