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  1. My Roster if anyone has a phone app: Harden / Drummond / Bledsoe / Mitchell Robinson / Chriss / Adams / FVV / Al horford / Bojan Bogdanovich / McCollum / Levert / Beasley / Barton
  2. Chriss and as DONUT said.. Not even close
  3. 10 team points league H2H Available on the wire: Jaren Jackson Lauri Markkanen Only possible drop(s) i can think of on my team for these guys are either: Bojan Bogdanovic Malik Beasley Let me know what you guys think and leave a link!
  4. omg to think i picked him off waivers just yesterday... WOW
  5. He blew a 3-1 return date.........get it....
  6. Anything to see her with Dedmon out a few games? Perhaps more usage?