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  1. I don't know what is more astonishing, how much owners hate baseball or how comically incompetent their negotiations have been. Manfred and the owners apparently haven't been on the same page this entire time, are transparently leaking everything under the guise of pseudo-proposals, want 16 team playoffs and are about to throw a tantrum over 10 games. How anyone can respect the owners is stupefying.
  2. Evan Drelich :Source says no deal is close yet between MLB and MLBPA beccause the proposal was just sent by MLB. No agreement even in principle at this point. 2:33 PM · Jun 17, 2020
  3. The auction draft is today the 22nd at 5:30pm EST The plan, in the event of the possible c-word, is to simply refund everyone, otherwise we wait however long and play as normal. Ted Williams’s Frozen Head League (season 13) ESPN 10 team mixed league 5×5 Roto redraft/non-keeper Standard cats except QS instead of Ws and SV+HDs instead of SVs Online auction draft (runs a little less than 3 hours) Daily lineups, FAAB ($100) $0 bids, 11 pm est daily resolve $25 buy in all paid out as (Sorry, my league doesn't use leaguesafe! never have! I swear we won't keep your money) 1st $175 2nd $50 3rd $25
  4. Had one but lost them to draft time conflicts our firm draft date is Sunday March 22nd at 5:30 pm EST Still need 1!
  5. Of all fantasy baseball managers? < .001% Of Rotoworld forum users? The mods could maybe answer that, ballpark 40%?
  6. Come on, sign up we're drafting in 3 weeks.
  7. I just need one more manager for a great fun league.
  8. Surely one of you fine capable fantasy baseball managers would like to join a small money league with quality starts and saves+holds.
  9. Still looking for that special someone.
  10. Need 1 Ted Williams’s Frozen Head League (season 13) ESPN 10 team mixed league 5×5 Roto redraft/non-keeper Standard cats except QS instead of Ws and SV+HDs instead of SVs Online auction draft (runs a little less than 3 hours) Daily lineups, FAAB ($100) $0 bids, 11 pm est daily resolve Tentatively auction set for Sat Mar 21st 8:30 pm est $25 buy in 1st $175 2nd $50 3rd $25
  11. I think I'm convinced. It's still small sample territory but his wOBA vs his xwOBA is beating expectations by 100 points. And that is with a supremely low babip. Expect a regression here and with his hard hit near 50% it could be painful.
  12. Few things are as cowardly as hitting a batter because your feelings were hurt. Particularly so when there are far more serious repercussions for the hitter than the pitcher. Highly problematic that MLB chooses to avoid injuries at 2nd base and home plate (which are often unpredictable) but essentially advocates for beaning a player as probably the most preventable means of injury.
  13. Credit to Davy Martinez for the inventiveness of creating at least 5 different lineups that keep Vic from seeing more than 3 ABs in a game.
  14. For the sake of argument, I took a look at Bieber (I drafted him) A couple of things jump out. First as to his lefty/righty splits and luck, in his 485 batters faced last season he ran into 257 lefties to 228 righties. Even amongst the lefty heavy MLB only about 38% of hitters are left handers. That's an inordinate amount to face. The rest of the Indians starters faced under a 50/50 ratio of LH/RH hitters. Maybe teams were stacking against a rookie? Cleveland in all its wisdom, is the 25th team by shifts. We can already see a problem. Of course lefty hitters are so much more common than the general population because they hit RH pitchers much better than their RH counterparts are are, metaphorically speaking, evolutionarily selected for it. Looking even closer to the slugging advantage lefties got from Sugar Shane it was basically the difference with Lucas Duda and Eduardo Escobar who combined for for 9 hits with 6 doubles and 3 home runs. I think, especially for a rookie, he was a little unlucky.
  15. Something like 85/28/92/10/.251 Full time at-bats likely at center of the lineup, hitting in Balt, NY, Tor. If he cuts down on the Ks his significant athleticism could lead to a stolen base surge. Hits the ball incredibly hard so power limited mostly by contact and approach. Lots of OFs with a better floor but less with a better ceiling. The investment is about as low as can be.
  16. Why would you think this? Manny has a very stable profile 32% o-swing rate nearly a 90% z-contact rate and <10% swinging strike rate over 3+ seasons. Hosmer and Myers are not the best hitters but this lineup is considerably better than the 2018 Orioles Manny endured. Petco is often considered a pitchers park but has played basically neutral over the last 3 years and isn't far off Dodger stadium for right handed power. Manny has already spent a little less than half a season facing NL pitching overall and NL West pitching specifically so concerns there. The only con I see is Hosmer and Kinsler need to find on base skills from previous seasons or Manny could even be moved into the leadoff spot if a better OBP option doesn't emerge among the young Padres. This might encourage him to run more so basically a wash. This is a young explosive line-up the just kept Tatis Jr. in the majors. They look like they'll compete and I'd speculate that energy will carry over. I think this will be a great season for Manny. 95/35/102/21/ .295 sounds about right especially if the Pads keep up the running game.
  17. First follow all the teams beat reporters. There are several for each team and some are better than others but they are almost always first with line-ups, call-ups, and injury news. In no meaningful order, some more real life than fantasy. @PitcherList ‏ @rotographs @DerekCarty ‏ @BNightengale @susanslusser ‏ @rudygamble @PitchingNinja @ATCNY ‏ @enosarris ‏ @JasonCollette @sporer ‏ @SultanofStat @mike_petriello ‏ @lindseyadler @Haudricourt ‏ ‏ @JeffPassan ‏@DrMikeTanner ‏ @JonHeyman ‏ @TheStatCastEra @Ken_Rosenthal ‏ @AdamGarlando @MarkZuckerman ‏ @dynastyguru @sdutSanders @GDubCub @BillShaikin @masnRoch @RyanDivish @AaronGleeman @LaVelleNeal @TBTimes_Rays @ctrent @RobBiertempfel @dgoold @drewsilv @JCRMarlinsbeat @anthonyfenech @FredZinkieMLB ‏
  18. He ranked in the 86th percentile on Statcast speed leaderboard. To give you some perspective Ender ranked in the 72nd percentile and Delino Jr. was 99th. Teoscar is fast but needs to improve the skill and reads. Can easily steal 20 bases if team philosophy and OBP align.
  19. In his 311 plate appearances last season Greg Bird managed a dreadful 73 wRC+ vs right handed pitching and a 109 vs left handed pitching. He has reverse platoon splits and unless he makes significant progress he will probably be worse against right handers than Luke Voit who for his short career has hit righties for a 135 wRC+. Greg Bird does not have a lefty platoon advantage. He should not start against right handed hitters with Luke Voit healthy.
  20. Whether he'll keep it up or not is anyone's guess but Peralta sought the hitter's trifecta of increased hard hit%, more fly balls, and more pull contact and did just that. It wasn't a fluke and his contact rates are well within range to continue. The NL West has an inordinate number of lefty starters so that doesn't help but I'd take the bad team discount and take him as a 3rd or 4th OF.
  21. Although Voit only has about 300 major league plate appearances, he is considerably better against right handed pitching than Bird. Bird has reverse platoon splits so his lefty bat isn't a platoon advantage.
  22. I need one manager again. The auction draft time has changed to Sunday March 24th at 7:00pm EST.
  23. If the Pads are trying to hammer out a deal to acquire Kluber it will almost certainly move one or more OFs to Cleveland and clarifying the situation a bit.
  24. What are folks seeing with regards to Berrios's change up? Anybody hear any chatter or catch any games? Nothing impressive from his ST line thus far so I'm guessing he's working heavily on a 3rd-4th pitch.