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  1. I think this helps DJ's value. After Houston practically gave away Nuk, they're gonna run DJ into the ground to justify their move...(imo)
  2. Has anyone mentioned this only makes the Hopkins trade look worse?
  3. Must be something in the water down there (Houston)...first the Astros, now this
  4. This will definitely help David Johnson! FU Cards
  5. Whoever wins it all this year gets a big fat * next to their title
  6. Can we add a stat for NBA players contracting the Coronoavirus? I'm thinking Pts/Rebs/Assts/Steals/Blks/TO/CoVid
  7. Feel awful for Vanessa To not just lose your husband but your child too. So sad. And let's not forget the other parent/child in the crash too. Just so sad all the way around.
  8. Awful awful news. My heart goes out to wife and kids. So sad!
  9. He'll be the number 1 pick next season for Florida Corrections
  10. I was actually hoping for niners and ravens but if we get something like titans and niners, I’ll vomit. I guess I’m hoping for packers and chiefs. Not sure.
  11. Super bowl is gonna be unwatchable this year