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  1. I wouldn’t rule out briebba either. Cards have a few solid guys in that pen
  2. I really like him, but he'l require some patience. Some leagues only have him as UT eligible which as really dampened his value
  3. I'm not thumbing through 9 pages, but with games you have to protect the integrity of the game. Google Ultimate bet. They were a leader of an industry. I have a masters in public policy which was rich in game theory. Once integrity is compromised, the threat of the game deteriorating or becoming no more exists until the perceived threat is taken care of. You cant have cheating in a game. Astros are fortunate the punishment wasn't worse. Maybe Manfred uses Goodells wheel of justice
  4. Most of NFBC drafts so far have been draft champions which are 5x5 no transaction With an overall prize. I’ve done a few of these and speed is pushed up because if you miss out on it, you’re SOL. I think in 12 teamer redrafts with transactions he’ll go a little later than where he’s going in nfbc. He certainly seems roadblocked though and the Rockies best prospect is behind his heels. May be a guy who’s tough to hold onto early but will eventually get playing time as the season goes on. It does help to get some of Bud Blacks pet cats out of Colorado.
  5. So... Giants, Marlins, Orioles, Mariners, and ill throw in the pirates. any guesses there?
  6. At the risk of being tarred and feathered, I’m starting to think he’s a little over rated. That doesn’t mean I’m saying be sucks or that I don’t like him, but are we overvaluing the “extra roster spot” which is so league dependent? He is a util which anyone can play and he’s probably set for about 110-125 innings if everything goes right. you can often just stream for those positions. unless he’s an above average SP is that worth it? he hasn’t pitched over 100 innings since Japan in 2016. We don’t know what we are going to get there as a SP. Hes particularly difficult to trade in a dynasty because everyone gushes over his “value” or ceiling but nobody is willing to pay the price for it.
  7. Clete will have his hands by his side like a gunslinger at the OK Corral ready to throw a flag on anyone who so much as crop dusts Aaron Rodgers. Clete has his orders for a Packers home NFC CG game. Maybe we can see Joe and Troy sit outside and watch a cup of water freeze in front of them again. (Sorry 9’ers fans)
  8. Seems like catcher is a little deeper than usual. I may cautiously bump up Sal Perez. It’s sounding like he will play 1b and DH this season.
  9. Problem is there’s good power guys being drafted where he is who can actually play a position. Donaldson, Mancini, grandal, Soler. Cruz was banged up in the second half last year and played through it. Scalded the ball at that. He’s a guy who really benefited from the juiced ball. Basically had a career year at age 39. We all know the risks and he’s kinda defied logic to this point. If someone wanted to dump him in dynasty I’d be all over it.
  10. If we are being honest, I haven’t been taking him in the 2nd round of 5x5 mostly because I’ve been targeting SB or SP there. Theres also some human element of geographic change after a player (or employee) changes Cities/teams/companies that he’s been on for year and years. It takes a little while to get settled in and adapted. I don’t think it’s just a “oh I have a big contract now, I’m going to eat pork rinds and play Call of Duty all offseason”. Some people handle a change better than others. Some players like a Greinke who have already been through changing teams may not be as impacted. Dunno, it’d be a curious study. It’s unlikely he’ll repeat last season, but this is a guy who has raked his entire career when healthy. He’s going to hit .300 and average is probably the most overlooked category in 5x5. Not a top 50 though? That’s like taking guys like Goldy, Realmuto, Bryant, and big stiff stanton over Rendon. Yikes
  11. Hopefully Giancarlo Stanton or Carlos Correa don’t read this thread. They may pull an oblique laughing.
  12. ya skills have never been his issue. Something always pops up but when he’s on and healthy he’s a very good RP.
  13. Has Doolittle ever made it through an entire season? I feel like the Nats would go another direction if they could.
  14. Big hulking dudes who swing for the fences aren’t suddenly going to become nimble. That’s what the Yankees are. Even DJL is 6’4. Some of their injury problems last year were the kind everyone have, others were guys just breaking down. Stanton had cascade injuries. He’s only played 3-4 seasons “healthy” and now he’s on the wrong side of 30. We Should expect him to play more than half a season, but his days of getting 550+ PA may be done.
  15. Paul Sporer mentioned that while he wasn’t saying this would happen, Robert’s profile and minor league stats are very similar to Lewis Brinson. Upon comparing the two, they do 😐