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  1. Anyone worried that he’s going to find the “Quarantine 15” or balloon even more eating snacks the past two months? Or that the lack of sunlight/vitamin D from staying inside will impact his performance?
  2. Over under peraza walks this season: 0.5
  3. Old Hoss Radbourn won 60 games with a 1.38 era, .922 whip, 441 strikeouts and 73 complete games in 1884. Also pitched 678.2 innings and carried his fantasy owners to a championship that year. .
  4. He’s saying a lot of things. The 100-200k deaths doesn’t jive with the April 30th date of being enough
  5. Social distancing means less likely to get hurt having a massage
  6. I thought Joba would be the next Bartolo Colon. Wilson Betemit was ranked higher than 1 too.
  7. I think sports are done in 2020 unless the virus magically disappears over the summer or society does a 180 on how they treat an infected individual. If we shut the sport down every time some reliever on the Royals or a guard on the Bengals gets sick, we're never going to play. With as much as these guys travel, it is going to happen. Even if they stay at spring training complexes, the players will have to stay somewhere. They'll be exposed to whatever the hotel staff is exposed to. It's just impossible to close everything off. What's gong to happen if a big time college coach gets sick? Will they quarantine the entire team and forfeit? and what about minor leaguers? When Giancarlo Stanton pulls a quad opening a jar of low-fat mayo, who is going to replace him? All of this said, it's difficult to forecast into June right now let alone the fall. We should have a better idea about the future of sports this year towards the end of May.
  8. If it happens, a short season favors aggressive owners. You aren't going to be able to hold onto that hurt or struggling player as long anymore. Making big trades early to plug holes will be more crucial. Streaming becomes more viable esp if they have multiple double headers a week. You aren't going to really be able to sit around and be patient.
  9. not sure Florida is going to be somewhere you want to stage anything in for the foreseeable future.
  10. Definitely delay the draft. Everything else depends on your setting and type of league it is
  11. they shipped reyes and junior Fernandez down. Miller is hurt. They had Gallegos close two games in ST. I know they often use the closer in the 5th inning in spring but this seems different. Despite talks of using him as a fireman role, it looks like he’s the heavy favorite again with Helsley the dark horse.