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  1. Dipo has All Star potential when he’s on his game, as you saw tonight. Beasley is locked into his role & should be solid ROS. I’d find somebody else to drop.
  2. Best he’s looked all season. Shot the ball confidently, & was Mr. 4th quarter down the stretch to bring the Pacers back from a big deficit. Still lost, but great individual performance.
  3. Patiently waiting for some positive news. The re-evaluation was supposed to happen on Monday.
  4. The man is eager to play & probably motivated to mess with opposing teams playoff standings, or at the very least challenge them.
  5. Long story short.. Only 4 from draft day have made it this far. Embiid, Simmons, Bledsoe, Oladipo Team got decimated with injuries this year, and still is.
  6. Depends on your situation. If I didn’t have 2nd place & bye week for first round locked I may have dropped. If you have some wiggle room, hold & see how things play out during the next few weeks.
  7. For tonights game? Probably somewhere along the lines of 11-4-3 little to no stocks on 36% shooting.
  8. Just as he began to string together two consecutive solid games. I have the luxury of holding him for another 2 weeks, but for those fighting for a spot he’s been unreliable.
  9. If this is a Richuan Holmes situation we’re done boys. The Fantasy Gods have finally gotten us. Fantasy Gods:
  10. He shot his free throws after the injury. Left the game, sat on bench, left the game again. My team can’t take anymore of this. Simmons & Embiid are my only survivors from draft day ... wait. 😐
  11. Currently in 2nd place, although I may drop a few in standings due to my team being annihilated by injuries. However, I am still holding in 1/2 of my IL spots unless there is news of him missing time during the fantasy playoffs (Week 22-24).
  12. In my experience anytime a medical staff is this hush about an injury it usually isn’t good. I’ll just lurk his IG page for any positive signs. Just give us a smile, Ben. Give us hope.
  13. & to think I took Kyrie over him. 😔
  14. Remember, he only fully participated in a “light” practice. He may be close, but there could be a chance he sits. If there is a positive here it’s that they’ll be facing a hungry MEM team who is fighting night in & night out to hold that 8th seed.
  15. I thought the break was supposed to get everyone healthy? Lost Kyrie, okay fine. Down goes JJJ, Oladipo, Elf, MitchRob, Simmons. All while stashing PG13 & Capela in IL.