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  1. Is it nitpicking that he only gets 4 catches a game? I worry if his efficiency ever dies down if he'll have a dud
  2. [...] How high up are people ranking him?
  3. source? I see him as a game-time decision
  4. does this news rise him above a guy like Montgomery?
  5. I think so. Wondering if he has his own value even with Kittle Mullens a complete unknown however
  6. without getting too bench-coachy, i'm 0-2 in that league so obv needing a spark Herbert looked GOOD and CAR literally doesn't have a defense... only reason i'm asking this question the challenge is Wentz is vs. CIN this week so i think he still wins out
  7. sitting here tuesday afternoon and still no sign of what the deal is/was obvious bench this week but wtf?
  8. Rotoworld draft guide as him WR34 in its latest update -- huh???? is this 2020?
  9. Are you me? Same exact concerns
  10. He looks lost out there and it's getting silly. Talking half-swings, K'ing alot, swings and missed on balls right down the middle, visual frustrations.....
  11. dumpster fire. Any smart people have insight as to why? or "small sample size"
  12. I just pick up JaCoby Jones because this season already doesn't make any sense