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  1. romo just s--- the bed but theres no other alternatives in mia
  2. with giolito its all about him repeating his mechanics. when he’s in rhythm he’s almost lights out. his mechanics also allow his to hover in around 94 to 96mph on his fb. another weird dev is his curve used to be almost his best pitch.. plusplus according to some. now he cant throw it at all but have developed a pretty nice change.
  3. was gonna pick up alex smith this week to stream in russells stead.. glad i didnt
  4. yea genius! but but.. all it takes is a few looks next week for this hypetrain to full steam
  5. i own lugi in my dynasty and to be honest he made me sick first half. but seems hes battled back and this game his stuff was pretty nasty.. reminesce of his early minors stuff. if he can be consistent with his command and if his fb stays 95ish he can perhaps be a sp2 someday. good for you lucas.. good for you
  6. been a non stealing machine lately
  7. picked him up and he’s been raking.. ugh, making that racking.. racking up the ks
  8. that change does look pretty filthy. key for him to get higher k’s is to get to 2 strikes cuz that change will getcha
  9. yea watching THIS game his issue is with command/confidence.. not so much stuff
  10. watching him pitch. still throws 95 with good movement. made albies + acuna look silly. his slider is a pretty good finishing pitch not sure why he only throws it 12%.
  11. sure until the data accumulates and the analytics say sir anthony.. always sir anthony =)
  12. he stopped taking walks + doesnt seem to attempt steals at the same rate as first 3or4 weeks of the season. at this point i would say 25hrs much more doable than 50 steals for him
  13. im a chisox fan so this gives me hope. his carnage a few starts ago his change looks actually decent when he gets it near the plate. if he gets his plusplus curve back with this change and good control on a 93mph fb he could be a sp2 or 3. so x’ng my fingers