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  1. romo just s--- the bed but theres no other alternatives in mia
  2. with giolito its all about him repeating his mechanics. when he’s in rhythm he’s almost lights out. his mechanics also allow his to hover in around 94 to 96mph on his fb. another weird dev is his curve used to be almost his best pitch.. plusplus according to some. now he cant throw it at all but have developed a pretty nice change.
  3. was gonna pick up alex smith this week to stream in russells stead.. glad i didnt
  4. yea genius! but but.. all it takes is a few looks next week for this hypetrain to full steam
  5. i own lugi in my dynasty and to be honest he made me sick first half. but seems hes battled back and this game his stuff was pretty nasty.. reminesce of his early minors stuff. if he can be consistent with his command and if his fb stays 95ish he can perhaps be a sp2 someday. good for you lucas.. good for you
  6. sure until the data accumulates and the analytics say sir anthony.. always sir anthony =)
  7. im a chisox fan so this gives me hope. his carnage a few starts ago his change looks actually decent when he gets it near the plate. if he gets his plusplus curve back with this change and good control on a 93mph fb he could be a sp2 or 3. so x’ng my fingers
  8. wheres the exit vel son? that may tell the story on babip
  9. he looked terrible first three abs. cant catch up to quintanas 91mph high heat
  10. from reports he was hitting 95 again in ST. but from first few starts im seeing mostly 91. he did hit 93 once yesterday. from this and watching him i still think its mechanics. went back to watch his mechanics in A ball where he was at high 90s and the one thing i do see is theres no ‘explosiveness’ in his delivery. somewhere along the line the nats changed his delivery to be more smooth and easy and it broke him. poor guy.. seems to be a good dude so im still pulling for him. and im also a sox fan
  11. haha im a sox fan so i hope yer wrong but watching him tonight and his last start yer not far off. they cant keep throwing him out there broken. its gonna completely mess his head up. center stage in the bigs and trying to figure out your mechanics is a bad combo. his delivery is completely broken.. super jerky without any smooth rhythm. release point is completely whacked and thus he repeatedly throws his money pitch.. curve 10ft from the plate everytime.
  12. im a sox fan so its tough to watch. renteria n cooper keep throwing him out there the way he is and his confidences gonna be in the toilet with him being out of baseball in a year.
  13. weathers clear at 52f to start game giolito wasnt as good as his numbers last year. babip had alot of luck. man his curve looks like a 4yr olds.. bouncing 10ft from the plate
  14. dudes trying to hit bombs and only bombs. he needs to get back to his circa 2016 self
  15. man he’s terrible. terrible stuff and cant throw strikes. they need to send his azz down asap.
  16. someone really screwed him up along the way { maybe that someone is him }. this guy used to have 99+ as a prospect. you watch his wind up now and theres absolutely NO explosiveness. its like watching a middle aged dad trying to pitch. quite sad.
  17. this guy is crapola. thought his fb was hitting 95+ again out of spring training but all im seeing now is 91/92. this along with him not being able to throw his curve for strikes and hes toast. perhaps hes over throwing now as his curve was quite effective in the thin air of arizona
  18. this guy is terrible. looks completely lost at the plate. whats worse is you look at his body language after his atbats and its like hes given up
  19. im a whitesox fan and this guy looks lost at the plate. day by day he's looking like a bust or atleast not anywhere near where most pegged him when he was #1 prospect in the land.. sigh..