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  1. anyone have a Galaxy S5 and have issues with newest app? I only hear the audio from the live stream with MLB at bat 2015, when I go back to At Bat 2014, the video plays no problem.
  2. wow, I will have to bookmark this site if it works
  3. John Patterson could be on List, but he did get injured Oliver Perez had a SICK year that he hasnt come near
  4. Didnt want them there really, will edit them out of the next list, we got some good new names. I need a catcher to field an One Year Wonder sqaud
  5. Ok here is the newest list of HOF One year wonders Richard Hidalgo Brady Anderson Fernando Tatis Bret Boone Morgan Ensberg Adrian Beltre *Jim Kern *Steve Stone *B.Y. Kim *Esteban Loaiza *Carl Pavano *Joe Charboneau ___________________________________________________ * Denotes Newest members of the HOF
  6. That was great Ryan did get him back though
  7. So the updated list now includes: The ROTOWORLD One Year Wonder Hall Of fame Inductees Richard Hidalgo Brady Anderson Fernando Tatis Bret Boone Morgan Ensberg Adrian Beltre The rest are worthy of consideration in the Rotoworld One year Wonder HOF but not quite there
  8. Obviously everyone who will be mentioned in this thread will be linked to steroids, but lets see how many guys we can name that had Monster years DURING their career and never came close to those numbers. Richard Hidalgo 2000: .314 44 122 with 13 steals (career .269 hitter with under 200 career bombs) Brady Anderson (DUH) 1996: .297 50 110 with 21 steals (career .256 hitter with 210 homers in 14 years) Fernando Tatis (1999) .298 34 107 with 21 steals (career .262 hitter with under 100 bombs) Pat Hentgen 1996: 20-10 3.22 ERA with 177 K's (not really belonging on this list as he was a decent pitcher but 96 was amazing for him) Wanted to add Ellis burks for his mammoth 1996 season but i was astounded to find he was remarkably good throughout career with many great seasons. look up his stats you will be shocked