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  1. In Wisconsin we were warned to start practicing the social distancing and only going out if absolutely needed about 2 weeks before the official state wide stay at home order (March 24th). Milwaukee and Madison areas were originally drilled the hardest to comply. Also Milwaukee and Madison counties were already shutdown before the State order was issued.
  2. Ok no offense taken. I am a buyer, a builder and a seller. I’m also a fantasy player. What I do and my credentials are irrelevant. I’m just offering ideas to save people. Thankyou for the tip.
  3. I’m more referring to the testing of people when they spray on the medical staff. The wrap would go over the Cup.🙄. Yes I’m in construction. Would you like to buy a home?
  4. Respirators should be number one priority. As far as other supplies go. I was thinking being in construction and the masks I use. When we run out of masks we come up with all sorts of inventive ways as I’m sure many know. Bandanna for one. Take shirt off back. Sometimes we even wet material. Obviously these make shift solutions aren’t sterile nor are they efficient to reuse. I started thinking. And it dawned on me. Plastic, steril. Sounds stupid but Saran Wrap. Here’s where it gets better. Baseball helps. Sounds strange but here’s my idea. Take a Catchers Cup. You know jock cup. Flip it upside down on your face covering nose and mouth. you have instant facial breathing shield with the built in holes and all. Now wrap Saran Wrap around Cup and Head fixating it to your head. Throw the Saran wrap away after each patient. Re-sterilize the Cup and repeat. Cups!! Molina has a few - I only have one left but I’m willing to donate
  5. Just saw live on the news. CNN I believe.
  6. According to the White House they consider today as Day 8. Next Monday will be day 15. Day 15 is the day Trump believes we’ll be able to gauge whether social distancing is working. However it appears he’s way more optimistic than most of the experts. - on a side note people in Nigeria are overdosing off of the chloroquine medicine.
  7. In public leagues if the league isn’t full prior to an hour before set draft time the league will be cancelled. Its been that way for years on Yahoo. Appears that guy had to bail out prior to that last hour and nobody else filled the spot.
  8. I believe that’s the 8th week mark of when the Pres. said 8 weeks. Yahoo knowing nothing will happen prior to that date. I’m sure they will eventually push it back.
  9. I’d punt. But if your a statistical guy I’d divide 1-a with b-2. Multiply that by the square root of don’t bother right now and you’ll get exactly where your still at.
  10. Boy I sure wish we could all live as one. The entire world all one. Free health care. Everyone come to my house. Couch the size of the China Wall. We got to get it together now.
  11. Baseball shape? Most athletes could sit on a couch for a year and be in baseball shape. Ramping up pitching arms prior to restart is really the only issue. I’d imagine the league will work this out prior to restart.
  12. I think its more that people are being precautionary and taking preemptive measures not hysteria. Hysterical would be more along the lines of running out into the woods, in your underwear with arms a flailing, and hiding out in a cave.
  13. Problem with your conclusions is that the League is not scheduled to resume April 15th. April 15th is a date at which the league is going to reevaluate based on what the conditions(status of Corona)will be on that said date. I would just assume we won’t see basketball until possibly June.
  14. Clowns in all leagues do this? I’ve yet to see this in any league I play in.