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  1. Interesting. I always found the opposite to be true. Drafting the skill and relying on FA’s/waivers the crapshoot. Not like there’s anything wrong with either philosophy.
  2. Just realized Bears used last time out. Rams just need to get it back and down it.
  3. Man. Crazy. I’m up 1.3 points. Opponent has Henderson. 😳
  4. Lol. Ok I’ll put it this way. Going into the year with Drake, Edmonds and Eno is a deeper RB depth chart (3 solid guys) compared to if they started the year with just Edmonds and Eno(2 guys). So yes I am referring to the signing of Drake to a one year deal gives them more depth at the RB position. 3 guys compared to 2.
  5. I’m not referring to starters. I’m referring to the overall depth at their RB position.
  6. I agree with this particular point. They most likely do prefer to keep him as a passing down back. That doesn’t mean he can’t hold down the fort for a few weeks though. Seems to me he’s more than capable.
  7. It makes your depth at that particular position deeper. Depth
  8. Might be because he’s a solid back. Got him for one year. Backfield Depth. Not sure it would have been wise for them to come into the year with essentially just Chase and Eno.
  9. Where are you hearing this? I see you keep pushing this narrative in a bunch of these threads.
  10. At least they targeted him in the end zone on the very first drive.
  11. Don’t forget Love will show his face in Washington’s backfield at some point.