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  1. Yes I’d imagine he will eventually cool off.
  2. Well it’s obviously Randle. Siakam second then Collins(who will most likely play center mostly) but I’d put all my money easily on Randle if talking strictly PF. oh 12 team ? Shoot I’d go....... hang on
  3. Lol . Eh shooot. Ok Pack over. Nobody is working g in this State tomorrow lol. We’re all going to get our antlers for the chip Giannis for the block Alec
  4. It’s the guys with one day goggles(stat chasers) that jump the gun. So many on these forums that were so adamant on their stances on certain players they dropped major those guys and are no longer posting. need one order of spell check on this table please darn phone
  5. If you would potentially drop him back in the wire within a week. Then don’t look like a fool picking him up. Plus then you show your hand to the rest of your league.
  6. Melton doesn’t seem to need a boost. However Dr. Doomboy’s thread is going to funny to watch all the people in here without patience in shallow leagues scrambling. Dr. Loves patients. The Doctor. The Doctor of Detroit
  7. I mean don’t you agree this is a league dependent question instead of a generalized? Certainly many people never let go.
  8. If your right handed always keep your left nut. Otherwise you balance will be whacked.
  9. Nobody in super shallow. Even in 10 teamers it’s pretty rare for the trade deadline to have much of an impact.
  10. Yeah Thankyou you right I don’t see it either. I mean milw, Tor , phi, and what Mia . Pretty sure they will all stay put. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. Boston is set I do think the ball for trades is dependent on what the East does though. And Drummond will be a key piece in rearrangement of league going into next year. Not this year you just talked me into a circle thankyou .
  11. Cleveland Toronto Milwaukee Ny Really only guys in the east that could/should make move. Jabari coming back to Milwaukee will most likely happen lol meant go to Utah for Jabari
  12. Yeah I’d bet in Love staying. Unfortunate for him but he dug his own hole and owners see that. If you follow the money there’s no sense for Cleveland to rush a trade. Really no reason for any team to rush a trade this year.