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  1. Let’s say he’s 50% as good as McCaffrey last year (based on year end totals/, that’s still good enough for backend rb1 numbers. I think he’s an every week start for next 3 weeks.
  2. There was some news a few days ago that his wife planning to deliver his newborn this week, I’m really hoping this injury was just exaggerated to cover for personal absence,
  3. besides game script, did Hines miss any pass block or missed assignments (whether game 1 or 2)?
  4. it’s completely predictable: Newton is the primary RB along with QB. All other RB’s aren’t really startable on the team.
  5. His current actual value (2 straight rb2 weeks, including third highest rushing attempts in week 2 so far with many red zone looks) is much higher than his perceived value (Timeshare backup rb). Wr3 Is probably best you could hope for, but WR2 is more fair value, although i would hold on to him with his upside for even better numbers later in the season..
  6. Hate wasting an early waiver on him two years in a row. Still must hold with Akers injured right?
  7. Lol egg on my face, random waiver pickup would’ve done better, so picking someone who was out injured would’ve been preferable to him.
  8. Going back to when he was on saints since after Peterson got traded, Ingram hasn’t really had 2 bad games in a row. I am optimistic he bounces back this week but who knows next week.
  9. With how many great rookie wr’s this and last year, it may make sense for teams to take the rb approach to drafting much cheaper wr’s on rookie deals than overpaying for them, especially since this year they are even more injury prone than rb’s. despite this contract/trade drama, I’ve grown appreciative of his safe floor so far versus all the injured wr’s drafted near or earlier than him.
  10. Those benching him, what are your thoughts?
  11. Are you guys planning to start him over higher ranked options this week? Last year he had 5-83-1 and 9-137-2 against Miami.
  12. If Lamar Miller or Devonta Freeman signs with Colts, how do we see it affecting Hines?
  13. More rushing yard for Allen this game then? I feel like last year he had some bad weather games too but still fine fantasy-wise. is there some kind of archive we can look up?
  14. In Yahoo, he's being ranked RB27. Last year, RJ was RB28 (in 0.5 PPR) with 37% of snap counts (415 snaps out of 1140 RB snaps). By comparison, Peyton Barber had 30.4%, Dare Ogunbowale had 32.4%. Patriots had 1403 RB snaps last year. 30% of that is 421 snaps, which is more than the snaps RJ got last year. So even a 30% role for RJ this year may not necessarily mean he'll have worse numbers than last year.
  15. How far does Fournette drop him for drafting? Could he still have similar workload as last year when he split with Barber, especially if offense will be on the field longer this year?