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  1. Useful data on this:
  2. Dont think Peraza is a great comp. Yes- both speedy w/ plate discipline issues, but Peraza never projected as having any pop. Peraza was a sub 400 SLG guy in AAA while Mondesi slugged 500+ in AAA.
  3. Easy to mitigate his risk by grabbing Schroeder late - should be a nice fill in for however long RW misses.
  4. He has been out w/ his knee injury since June 5.
  5. Anyone dare tonight vs Yankees? No DH, no Sanchez, and has great career #s vs Stanton...
  6. What the heck? Can’t handle the Pirates? People hanging on thru his next start @ Col? Or time to cut bait?
  7. Need to see him move up in the lineup. If he puts up 35RBI/70R, gonna be hard to put him in ur lineup to get those 40 SBs.
  8. Andrew Miller takes offense at this statement.
  9. Seems to be hitting after the bit of a slow start - just needs to start running now...
  10. Shellacked pretty good today. Anyone watch? Insight into the poor result?
  11. Out for the second straight game with Gomez and Gallo back. Looks like back to being a role player...